I write a lot of stuff, and some of it gets published here or there. Here is a list of the stuff you can find on the web, either as text or occasionally as a podcast or even a video. If there’s something you wanted to track down that isn’t listed here or was in print format only, please just send me a note.


The 4:49 Bus on the Litter I See project
“Castle” Video of reading at Pages Unbound Festival
“The Framer” at Little Fiction
“At the Bar” at Found Press
“Dead Boyfriend Disco” (poem) on echolocation blog
“Marriage” in The New Quarterly
“Loneliness” in Compose Journal
“Ms. Universe” on Byliner
“Ms. Universe” on Joyland Toronto
“Everyone Likes a Little Guy” in The Rusty Toque
“How to Keep Your Day Job” on Read Me Something You Love Podcast, read by Laura Boudreau
“How to Keep Your Day Job short film
“How to Keep Your Day Job” on Storyville app
“Sarah” (otherwise known as “Bursting into Tears Every Twenty Minutes” at the Hart House Review
“Waiting for Women” on Joyland
“How to Keep Your Day Job” in the National Post
“Dead Boyfriend Disco” on Pickle Me This
“The Weatherboy” in Earlit Shorts 4 from Rattling Books
“Christmas with My Mother” in *Earlit Shorts 4* from Rattling Books
“Do” on “Words to Go” podcast
“If This” in The Puritan
“The Words” on Scribd
“Black and White Man” on Joyland
“Route 99” (excerpt) video of reading at Thin Air International Writers’ Festival X
“All The Ghostlies” in The Hart House Review



Good Books for Hard Times on 49th Shelf
How to Help a Fellow Writer… on Ottawa Poetry
How to Learn to Read in Canadian Notes and Queries
Memoir in Toronto Life
When Your Culture Is the Counter-culture on Offbeat Bride
Guest Blog #4: Oh my god, my friend is a writer–what do I do? at the National Post’s Afterword Blog
Guest Blog #3: Because there is no real at the National Post’s Afterword Blog
Guest Blog #2: Editors: Scourge of the earth or cheap psychotherapists? at the National Post’s Afterword Blog
Guest blog #1: Hey, there’s a Shreddie on the floor! at The National Post’s Afterword Blog
Guest blog at The Story Prize blog
Article called “Life among the Cubicle Dwellers”on *Canadian Bookshelf*
Wild Libraries I Have Known blog post on Pickle Me This
Article called “Advice Columns” inAggregation Magazine
Essay on villains called “No More Mr. Bad Guy” in Maisonneuve
Review of Stunt by Claudia Dey in Canadian Notes and Queries