November 6th, 2018

The life and brief death of Rose-coloured

Around the middle of October, this site went down for a few days. I only noticed when I went to add a post and couldn’t–no one complained to me that they couldn’t view it, and I’m fairly certain no one besides me actually noticed. For a while I felt if I could just get the writing archived here back, I would feel ok if Rose-coloured itself could not survive, but that was a lie. I actually love having a blog, even a blog almost no one reads. It’s the potentiality–someone *might* read it–that makes me try to be clear, coherent, funny, succinct. I just can’t discipline myself the same way when there’s not even the possibility of an audience. And you’ll note, I’m not even that clear or funny in this space!

And of course I love the archive especially! Ten years of random musings–that’s a history I enjoy having around and, again, having it findable by random strangers. I don’t know why. That’s my jam.

Thanks to Stuart at for saving Rose-coloured, and thanks for reading, whoever you are, if indeed you exist.

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So Much Love by Rebecca Rosenblum

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