July 9th, 2018

Trillium wrap up

I have already posted so much about the Trilliums that I took a little break before adding this last little bit. I found the whole thing absorbing to the point of being overwhelming–nice, but nuts, you know? I kept getting pulled away for photos–who needs that many pictures of me? Also this video, which maybe is ok except I don’t appear to have a neck.

It was very glamourous and everyone was so so nice, and I got a pretty corsage both nights. Also all the food was delicious and those who were drinking were also pleased by the drinks.

We (the writers and our escorts) got to eat dinner in a special back room, but the washrooms were shared with the main room. When I was washing my hands, I heard someone say, “Could it be, the famous author?” and I turned to find my dear old friend–we met in 1989–Jen standing there by the sinks. We had been talking about the nom and she got so excited she had made the trek in from our hometown to support me. Honestly, one of the coolest parts of the night.

All of the readings were amazing–everyone was asked to read for three minutes, which is a hard ask, but most did it with flying colours. It was really lovely to hear the French readings even though my aural comprehension was way down for what it used to be. I was very very anxious about my reading, which I think went ok though I probably sounded nervous and dropped my bookmark on the floor. Most people said it was good except one straight-talking friend who said I sounded nervous.

The next night was less stressful because I knew I would not have to talk or do anything unless I won, which I was pretty sure I wouldn’t. So I just enjoyed the meal and chatting with everyone and then Kyo Maclear won for Birds Art Life and I was really happy for her. I had still been pretty tense–about what, I’m not even sure–until after the awards were announced and then I calmed right down and was so happy! I immediately started asking people about their pets, which is my favourite form of party chatter, and this devolved pretty quickly into haranguing everyone who said they had no pets to GET A PET. I guess I the stress was still working its way through me somehow. Most folks were good-natured about my lunacy, though I don’t think I convinced anyone.

On the way home Mark bought me an ice-cream sandwich and we gave money to a down-on-her-luck lady outside the store. She had a good ask. As we walked up to the store, she asked if we had any change and I said no, and she said, “Maybe on the way out?” and Mark saved her a loonie from the ice-cream change and I rummaged until I found one in my bag. I thought it was smart of her to give us some time to figure it out, as tired people need a while but can usual do something nice if given a little nudge.

4 Responses to “Trillium wrap up”

  • Emily Saso says:

    Such a big congratulations on your nomination! I wanted to go so bad but I’m still struggling to sit/stand in public places because of my stupid bulged disc. Anyways, you rock, your book rocks, and both deserve all the nominations and prizes. And thanks for sharing a recap of the night! XO

  • Rebecca Rosenblum says:

    Thanks so much, Emily–and I’m sorry to hear about ongoing disc struggles. Take care and hope to see you–sitting/standing with ease–sometime soon!

  • Sharon says:

    I am the exact same way at these award things…super stressed and basically ready to puke until the award is announced. And then it doesn’t even matter who wins, I immediately feel better. CONGRATS on making the short list. (and the ice cream sandwich…every finalist should always get an ice cream sandwich parting gift)

  • Rebecca Rosenblum says:

    Thanks, Sharon! These award ceremonies are strange beasts, glad to hear you have the same stress levels. Ice cream makes everything better!

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