June 8th, 2018

Liking things: Needed now more than ever

Times are dark in Ontario. I worked very hard to get to the polling station yesterday and somehow felt that doing so would solve everything. It didn’t. I’m not sure what to do next, so in the meantime I’ve been polling my colleagues for things they like. We need all the cheering up we can get…

533. Getting into a hot car
534. Ed’s ice cream cone

535. Standup paddleboarding in the sunset in Lake Ontario
536. Kayaking around an island in a thunderstorm in Georgian bay
537. Washing dishes by hand

538. strangers smiling at each other on the street
539. seeing a band/musician live and having that experience of a song make you appreciate/enjoy the recording even more

540. cold pie
541. Pingu
542. Classic Frosties
543. New-fangled vanilla Frosties, surprisingly
544. My balcony
545. Coming down the stairs just as the subway pulls up

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