February 5th, 2017

Hey, whatever happened to 1000 things we like?

It’s been a while–dark times, but also busy times. Don’t worry, there actually are still things to like. To whit:

From Joe Dague
260. the album Graceland, by Paul Simon

From RR
261. Against Me
262. new sheets
263. watching a cat figure something out
264. when my niece gives me orders: “Becca, come!” “Becca, lie down!”
265. licorice allsorts
266. jam
267. pineapple
268. bees
269. Pokemon Go, even in the cold
270. Evees (the cutest Pokemon, for my money)
271. just a tiny nap on the subway
272. hugging someone wearing a parka–so cuddly!
273. getting home after a long day
274. malls
275. Bellinis
276. the satisfying consistency of chain restaurants
277. meeting new people
278. meeting new cats
279. Brie
280. wondering what a candy labelled in a foreign language will taste like
281. running, briefly
282. watching snow from indoors
283. when a broken thing is fixed

What do you like?

6 Responses to “Hey, whatever happened to 1000 things we like?”

  • Paul S says:

    – Forgetting everything except the present at the pinnacle of a long run.
    – Being incapsulated by music at a perfect concert.
    – Landing safely and smoothly after a turbulent flight.
    – Having your dog sleep on your chest.
    – A significant other massaging your scalp with their fingertips.
    – A pleasant forest trail dappled with mid-afternoon sunlight through the canopy.
    – Kaytranada

  • Frédérique says:

    – Ginger Tea
    – Hans Rosling (RIP, but check out his Ted Talk)
    – going to the ballet
    – downhill skiing (I just recently rediscovered this)
    – the song “New York Minute” by Don Henley
    – teaspoons
    – cleaning out your purse
    – Contigo travel mugs (quality stuff)
    – Drake’s first mixtape (So Far Gone)
    – Photos taken in 1987
    – Beach holidays
    – Reading Wikipedia articles about Space Travel
    – Paintings of Napoleon
    – Cherry pie

  • Frédérique says:

    Ok I have just been informed that So Far Gone is actually Drake’s third mixtape, so please correct in the final list. Thank you!

  • Scott Watson says:

    -Quantum Mechanics
    -Kids figuring out how to take off their shoes themselves
    -The gallerist board game
    -That perfect spot on the couch for reading
    -Astroplane by BKS
    -All the MuchMusic Dance mixes actually
    -Solving a puzzle on your own (without the Internet!)
    -hitting 9,000 steps every day in a week
    -Sunset (the game)
    -Sunset (the actual sunset)
    -Dirk Gently new show on Netflix
    -The Metric System
    -Despite everything, all your friends make it to an event turning it into a celebration
    -Medical science
    -That more people are living longer and healthier than ever before in history
    -zen pencils
    -When you find a new ravine trail in Toronto (or anywhere really)

  • Scott Watson says:

    Sorry a couple more:

    -the art & technique of Kintsugi
    -investigative journalism
    -getting the daily puzzle
    -perfectly made toast

  • Rebecca says:

    Thanks so much, Paul, Fred, and Scott–these are awesome! Posting now!

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