January 6th, 2017

1000 Things We Like: into triple digits

Colette Maitland says

78. Chickadees at the bird feeder
79. Multi-coloured Christmas lights
80. Quilts
81. The perfect butter tart

Mark Sampson says

82. My wife
83. New Year’s Eve parties
84. Star Wars nostalgia
85. Donairs
86. The West Wing Weekly Podcast Series
87. Fancy hotel rooms
88. Cask ale
89. Netflix
90. The New Yorker
91. Snow days
92. P.G. Wodehouse novels
93. Homemade biscuits with homemade jam on them.
94. Wine tours
95. Taking a break once I’ve earned it
96. Tweed coats
97. Preprandial cocktails
98. Working with smart people
99. Travelling to new cities and figuring out how to get around

And from me again, just to get us into the triple digits
100. Round numbers
101. The smell of sparklers
102. The smell of babies’ heads
103. Falling asleep on the subway and waking up just at my stop
104. licorice spice tea
105. expensive moisturizers that promise to make me live forever
106. the charity coin collectors where the coin spins around and around
107. seeing I have a new text
108. Gruyere
109. chewing on pens
110. lip balm
111. Weekends

3 Responses to “1000 Things We Like: into triple digits”

  • Frederique Delapree says:

    I really need the McGill crew to step up here. Yes, I am calling them out!
    Star Trek: The Next Generation
    OWL magazine
    A diverse and well-organised sticker album
    People with red hair
    Blue nail polish

  • AMT says:


    winter clementines
    dogs snoring
    the fact that little staplers have appeared multiple times on multiple of these lists
    sparing amounts of eggnog
    recycling my christmas tree
    buying many plane tickets all at once
    good reviews
    when people you’ve always liked turn out to also be really successful
    almond butter
    right after you’ve vaccuummed
    zipping up very long boots
    ice skating outside in a new american town and guessing who the other canadian-born skaters are
    atomic fireball cinnamon candies
    extra lip balm
    finding toonies in my american purse(s)
    very warm socks
    very warm legwarmers
    lindy hop
    watching the dog run in her sleep
    flavoured coffee (i know.)

  • Alison Foster says:

    watching people eat ice cream (extra bonus if the person is over 80 years old).
    The print from my baby’s ear that gets left on my arm from breast-feeding).
    Ear hair on babies.
    Listening to a really good song really loudly on repeat for an entire car ride or road trip.
    Opening up a suitcase that still smells like the last trip you took.
    Fat cats.
    Butter tarts made by my parents.
    Nice people.
    Laughing with people.
    Long, hot showers.
    Sleeping outside in the sun.
    Learning how to do something.
    The smell of new clothes.
    Seguaboth in language and the ride-y kind).
    Online shopping.
    In-store shopping.
    Singing/playing music with others.
    Singing/playing music by myself.
    Listening to my daughter sing.
    Falling asleep during yoga class.
    When someone farts during yoga class.
    Farting during yoga class.
    Farting in general.
    Going out for breakfast.
    The moon.
    The relationship between math and art.
    Making art.
    Finding things that you’ve lost.
    Making faces in the mirror.
    Heated seats.
    Watching TV with my husband at the end of the day when the kids are asleep.
    Knowing that there are many more things that I like and that it may take the rest of my life to make a complete list.

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