July 19th, 2015

Best job

When I was about five or six, I had maybe the best job of my life. My parents and I were getting out of our car, which was parked at the one intersection in my little hometown. I think we were going to the video store. A woman was walking along the sidewalk, a rarity in rural areas because so few places are walkable that everyone just drives everywhere. She wore a long black wool coat and from one of the hip pockets you could see the head of a small grey kitten peeping out. If you’ve met me, or really any small child, you’ll know that I was enthralled. The woman came over to me there on the sidewalk and told me she had to go into the bank, but you can’t take a kitten into a bank. Could I hold the kitten for her until she came out?

COULD I??? Of course I could. I would not get a kitten of my own until my seventh birthday, but I was quite confident I could handle the squirmy little fuzzball. So she handed it over and off she went. I think this scenario involved one of my parents having to forego the video store so that I could be supervised whilst I supervised the kitten. I can’t remember too much about the actual kitten interaction other than it was really soft and I was so happy.

The woman came out of the bank fairly quickly and apparently not realizing this was the best thing that ever happened to me (or, I know now, of course realizing exactly and being as delighted as I was) paid me fifty cents for watching the kitten. And took the little fellow back and off she went. I come from a very small town, where people often know each other, but not always because it’s near a bigger city and people come and go. I had no idea who that woman was and neither did my folks. As far as I know we never saw her again.

This happy little memory just popped into my head and, because I have a blog I can share it with you and so I have.

4 Responses to “Best job”

  • Scott Watson says:

    What a great story. I like the idea of people wandering around with kittens to have little kids watch.

    Were the two coins magical?

    Alas, I have never taught a Dolphin English. :(

  • Rebecca says:

    I don’t remember what I did with the coins–probably just stuck them in the piggy bank. But the whole experience was magical.

    There’s still time for the dolphin esl program!

  • Kerry says:

    When I was six, I had a job delivering cadbury creme eggs to mailboxes in my neighbourhood for a real estate agent. I don’t know what the promotion had to do with real estate, but alas. And then I ate too many en route and felt very sick.

  • Rebecca says:

    That’s almost a lock with a six year old, that you would eat them, no? Such poor planning on the realtor’s part. He should have hired a woman in her late thirties. I used to love those things but now–blech!

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