February 23rd, 2015

Photos by Mark Raynes Roberts

I had the privilege of doing a photo shoot with artist Mark Raynes Roberts as part of a project he is doing, photographing Canadian authors. It will be displayed in the fall, if you’re curious to see it. I certainly am! In the meantime, here’s a selections of shots of me, courtesy of Mr. Roberts. Eventually, when I do a proper update of this site (ie., pay someone to do one) I will include one of these in the bio section, but for now all I know how to do is post them here… Feel free to let me know your favourite…I’d be curious!

I think this one is my favourite...

I think this one is my favourite…

I like the meta aspect of the photo with photos in background...

I like the meta aspect of the photo with photos in background…

Shifty eyes...somehow one of my best looks!

Shifty eyes…somehow one of my best looks!

6 Responses to “Photos by Mark Raynes Roberts”

  • Scott Watson says:

    I like the one with the bookshelf in the back. I can’t tell though. Are any of your books on the shelf?

  • Rebecca says:

    That’s my favourite too! Actually, my shelf is just below. You can see Tom Robbins above my left shoulder and I’m just a little further on in the alphabet…

  • Jeff Bursey says:

    Top one is my favourite.

  • Rebecca says:

    Mine, too, Jeff–thanks for weighing in!

  • Emily SAso says:

    Bottom one gets my vote. You look like you’re up to a little bit of no good. :) Or you’re thinking about your next book idea. So I think it’s the most interesting photo, but they’re all real perty! (Also, your hair looks extra fab in the bottom one.)

  • Rebecca says:

    Thanks for voting, Emily! And now that you mention it, you’re right about the hair–thank you!!

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