July 22nd, 2014

*So Much Love*–heading for the world

I am so very pleased to announce that my book, So Much Love is forthcoming with McClelland and Stewart in 2016. It’s being edited by the very talented Anita Chong, senior fiction editor at M&S.

I have been working on this book a long time–I believe the original idea sparked somewhere in the year 2000 . I know I workshopped some very early ideas with my Concordia friends’ writing group that winter, and have been workshopping and rewriting on and off from this book ever since (about every 3 years, I’d try again). One of the many (many!) joyful things about the book deal is that now I know for sure I will have a place to put my ever-expanding list of acknowledgements. But the weird thing is, so many people have helped me with this book so long ago that they don’t even remember helping me, or in at least one case, who I am (that was an awkward conversation, let me tell you). I think I’ll try not to freak people out with the acknowledgements page–so no one who has potentially forgotten my existence–but I’m still really looking forward to writing it. Gratitude–love it!

After I posted the happy news on Facebook and Twitter yesterday, a few people asked why it would be SO LONG until the book is published–which is the sweetest thing in the world to ask. But the reasons are good ones! First, that’s how publishing rolls these days. To sell books effectively, it’s very hard to just publish things all of the sudden. Substantive edits, copyedits, page design and layout, cover design, composition, proofreading, printing and binding all take time, of course, and when you add in marketing and publicity, even more. It’s better to be later than sooner in order to get it all right. There’s books that come out faster, but mine definitely won’t be one of them…which brings me to reason number two…

SML needs a lot of work. I wrote the best book I could, and a lot of people helped me, and I am very very proud of it. But I knew it needed more, and I knew it was only by working with a really insightful editor that I’d be able to produce it. I am so grateful to Anita for wanting to do this heavy lifting with me, and I definitely want all the time I can get to make the edits and additions to the manuscript work in the best way possible. If it gives you a sense of my perspective, spring 2016 seems crazily SOON to me.

So yeah–that’s the scoop. Book in a couple years, in the meantime lots of work. In case you can’t tell, I’m THRILLED, really just bouncing down the street excited. More on this situation as it develops…

7 Responses to “*So Much Love*–heading for the world”

  • Kerry says:

    Have I told you lately, today, that I am thrilled for you? And this book? And everyone who gets to read it? So glad this has worked out so right. xoxo

  • Ariel Gordon says:


  • Rebecca says:

    Thanks so much, you guys!

  • Frederique says:

    Going to try and be patient. I remember what felt like) a million years ago when Mark announced his book was being published in 2014, and now it is almost here!

  • Jeff Bursey says:

    Congratulations, Rebecca. Looking forward to reading it.

  • Emily Saso says:

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it! I’ve become such a fan of your short stories. Strangely enough I think we met at a baby shower for Corinna vanGerwen? (At least I think that was you…) Small world!

  • Rebecca says:

    Thanks so much, gang! Fred, you are right–Mark’s book is 6 weeks away and the wait is going to be worth it, I think!

    Emily, thanks, and yes, that was me at Corinna’s shower! Meike and I made the sock-streamer thingy! It’s a small world, or at least a small town. Hope to see you again soon, one way or another!

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