May 7th, 2013

Windsor Review Best Writers under 35

The Windsor Review‘s Best Writers under 35 edition came in the mail yesterday, looking lovely and including lots of great folks, as well as yours truly. Please keep in mind that it’s an impressionistic “best” and also that I will turn 35 in 16 days (making me, I’m pretty sure, the oldest writer in the collection) but also that this’ll be a great read. I’m definitely flattered to be included with the likes of Souvankham Thammavongsa, Spencer Gordon, and Andrew MacDonald, among many awesome others. The whole show is curated by the lovely Jenny Sampirisi. On newsstands now, I believe…

2 Responses to “Windsor Review Best Writers under 35”

  • Andrew says:

    Man, that’s a goodlooking issue. Happy to be alongside you, Double R.

    W/ respect,

    Andy, “Team Fiction”

  • Rebecca says:

    Ditto, for sure! I need to clear some time to actually sit and read it, instead of just admiring it as it sits on the couch. Maybe this weekend!!

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