January 9th, 2013

Next: 2013

Some years I have a full complement of serious, specific resolutions; some years I have almost none. This year is…somewhere in between.

1) Read awesomely. Gotta start with the easy ones. Though I’ll leave off with the To Be Read Challenge after I finish the 2012 books (in a couple months, sigh) I don’t think I’ll abandon program reading–it’s fun and gives me a structure to work in. My last post was the first installment of awesome reading will be the Cohabitational Reading Challenge, wherein my beloved and read the same book, talk about it at meals, and blog about it. I’ll also be continuing with my super-great book club, and trying to make full use of my Kobo.

2) Cook everything in the Milk Calandar, preferably in the month in which the recipe appears. Also cook other new things–stop being culinarily boring/lazy.

3) Start writing fan letters to musicians, artists, writers, filmmakers, and maybe others that I like. I’m not above a “you suck and here’s why” note, as well, but largely I’d like to keep this resolution positive. I’ll post these as open letters on my blog as well–when someone is awesome at what they do, I think it’s worth spreading the news.

4) Finish a complete draft of my current book. That one seems really daunting, but originally I was supposed to finish it at the end of *last* year, so really, I should be able to manage it.

5) Don’t eat it just because it’s a cookie. There will be other cookies. Not all cookies need to be eaten.

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So Much Love by Rebecca Rosenblum

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