November 2nd, 2012

No Giller reivew this year

So, sadly, there will be no Rose-coloured review of the Giller Awards broadcast this year, because the Giller website listed the time of the webcast as 9pm (scroll down to the second blog post and you can still see the error!) When I eagerly sat down at 8:59, everyone was cheering and the camera was swooping *out*–party over, having apparently started at 8pm. Nerds!

I admit that I mainly wanted to watch so that I could make snarky comments about that guy from Hedley, and the injustice of devoting an hour of air time to books by 5 authors, and not letting 4 of them speak. But I also do enjoy the experience of seeing some razzmatazz in the name of the usually more yoga-pants-y writing life. I’m also a little alarmed that no one caught the error–I bet this never happens with the Pulitzer!

Nevertheless, congrats to Will Ferguson anyway–apparently he was quite charming at the ceremony. And congrats also to Russell Wangersky, the author of the only shortlisted book that I read, for writing a really good one.

I’m looking forward to the Writers’ Trust Awards next week to fill this gap. I have been twice now, and never wanted to say anything snarky about that event–it’s really fun, and yes, glamourous. Also, high-calibre snacks. I’ll be much more upset if I get the time wrong on this one!

2 Responses to “No Giller reivew this year”

  • saleema says:

    The exact same thing happened to me re: the broadcast. :( Very sad-making. I checked the time on TWO websites as I thought it would be earlier, and I was still steered wrong. I watched it starting from 8:55…and the rebroadcast at 9, but it was less fun without simultaneous tweeting!

    Have fun at the glam WT awards tonight!

  • Rebecca says:

    Hey Saleema,

    There was a rebroadcast…???? Sigh.

    The event last night was very fun, but *very* crowded. Thrilled to see so much fun and excitement around books and words, but I was surprised to see how well other writers coped with the crowd. Better than me!

    I was happy once I was in my seat, though–Shelagh Rogers was a delight, and so were all the presenters!


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