October 26th, 2012

Back and last of the 1000 Things

So I went to Vancouver and it was awesome, but caused me some confusing days with the wrong number of hours in them, as well as a lot of time slouched up against an airplane window while a broad-shouldered man tried really hard not to squash me. So I’m tired but I met a lot of amazing folks, heard brilliant readings, and ate as much salmon as humanly possible without being an embarrassment (I don’t think). So let’s get a bit closer to polishing off this liking list while I’m in such a good mood.

First, from Fred,

942) Becky’s cat channel (RR says: aw, thanks!)

And from Jane,

943) paper warm from the printer

And now me, with a heavily west-coast tinged bunch

944) candied salmon
945) Walking along and suddenly seeing a body of water where you didn’t expect one
946) farmers markets
947) tiered tea trays
948) holding a baby who doesn’t mind
949) Irish accents in general and Anakana Schofield‘s in particular
950) Anakana’s novel, Malarky
951) Really good huggers, like VIWF’s head honcho, Hal Wake. In the midst dozens of authors, staff and volunteers, hundreds of audience members, too many potential problems to count, and basically a perfectly awesome festival, he still found time to hug like he meant it.
952) When Alice the kitten stands on the palm of my hand
953) Not even starting to fret that it won’t work out before it does in fact work out
954) GIFs
955) Zsuzsi Gartner
956) Angie Abdou
957) Caroline Adderson
958) Biting into a chocolate-covered cookie to discover it’s actually a chocolate-covered cream puff
959) When my suitcase is first one to hit the baggage carousel (I swear, this actually happened for my return to Toronto)
960) Toronto, city of my love
961) Fluffy pillows
962) My brother
963) Blogging
964) Swiss Chalet (less than an hour to go!)

One Response to “Back and last of the 1000 Things”

  • Andrew says:

    965) Getting my braces tightened (when I had braces)

    966) The smell of hop tea before it got the wort added to it, specifically as huffed during my first week working in a brewery

    967) Seasons 1 through 8 of The Simpsons

    968) Falling asleep and then waking up–what feels like immediately–a bunch of hours later

    969) When someone asks for a recommendation in the bookstore

    970) When my angry friend and I would get caught hugging on the job

    971) When the stupid government sends me money I didn’t know they owed me

    972) Badly Stuffed Animals

    973) The first day of patio season

    974) The stubborn last day of patio season

    975) When I worked night shift, having a beer after work and watching the sun come up in Parc Lafonatine

    976) Having a second beer while all the office shlubs came to the park for their morning boot camp workout

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