October 10th, 2012

A little farther West than usual…

A bit of happenstance, and a bit not, has lead to a lot RR-related links in the West today–well, a lot relative to the norm, which is none. Ok, not my best sentence–moving on!

I did a fun interview with Cynthia Ramsey for the Jewish Independent in Vancouver. E-interviews can be terribly rote, so it’s thrilling as an author to open a set of questions to find that a journalist has engaged deeply with my work, and asked questions thoughtful enough to make me see it in some new ways, too. Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

My short story The House That Modern Art Built is now available on newsstands in PRISM international. This is the first thing I’m publishing from the current work–my first post-Big Dream publication, actually. Yipes, that was a long hiatus. Not sure why I needed a whole year, but it felt like I did at the time. Anyway, I’m proud of this story and proud also that it found a happy home at Prism. Hope you enjoy that, too!

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