October 10th, 2012

1000 Things We Like: Ever Closer

Fred and I have been going through the archives–the 2002 and 2007 1000s, and they are so great. I do not know how to make a Word document available on this blog, but feel free to hit me up if you are curious. What’s interesting is that different people contributed to each of the three lists, and some I am no longer in touch or never actually knew that well–they were just kind list contributors! So some of the stuff on the lists, I’m like…why? But such is the wonder of the world–everything is liked by *someone*. On a sadder note, the 2002 list includes a cat, a dog, and two goldfish all now deceased. Good to be reminded of them, though.

Onwards–back in 2012, we have some contributions from Liz:

812) Shamefully, pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks (RR says: everyone is obsessed with these lately. I do not like the idea of a pumpkin beverage, but may have to try it….)
813) Having skin tags removed
814) Eight-year-old girls talking about lighting their farts on fire and subsequently burning their houses down

And back to me…

815) Taylor Swift’s Mever Getting Back Together (sorry, cool people!)
816) when something huge happens to someone I really like, and then I see them again and they are exactly the same
817) tuxedo cake
818) when my good news genuinely lights up someone else
819) a surprise ride home in the rain
820) pub curry
821) tiny kitten feet
822) scratching a really itchy spot
823) peanut brittle (anything brittle, really)
824) the way you can roll sideways on a futon that is in couch formation so you are kind of in a gully at the back
825) really shiny hair
826) friend dogs in the elevator
827) “The Variance” by Miranda Hill
828) palindromes
829) rhinestones
830) green gum–particularly the 5 flavour called “Rain,” even though I realize that’s a very dumb name, even for gum

Let’s keep this going, gang–what do you like?

One Response to “1000 Things We Like: Ever Closer”

  • Annie says:

    831) the smell of freshly cut grass
    832) people who string their skates over their shoulders
    833) sitting on the floor
    834) bonfires
    835) leaving work on time
    836) peeling off labels on “school supplies”
    837) pouring a fresh cup of coffee or tea
    838) sitting with elderly people on benches
    839) when you find out a famous person you like is Canadian
    840) live music

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