October 29th, 2012

1000 Things–We Like Endings Too

These are from Andrew

965) Getting my braces tightened (when I had braces)
966) The smell of hop tea before it got the wort added to it, specifically as huffed during my first week working in a brewery
967) Seasons 1 through 8 of The Simpsons (RR says: there’s always such debate on where the good stuff ended on that show. My husband says season 9 is the last good one, but when I was shopping for his anniversary gift at Future Shop, like three sales associates ganged up on me and said season 12!)
968) Falling asleep and then waking up–what feels like immediately–a bunch of hours later
969) When someone asks for a recommendation in the bookstore
970) When my angry friend and I would get caught hugging on the job
971) When the stupid government sends me money I didn’t know they owed me
972) Badly Stuffed Animals
973) The first day of patio season
974) The stubborn last day of patio season
975) When I worked night shift, having a beer after work and watching the sun come up in Parc Lafonatine
976) Having a second beer while all the office shlubs came to the park for their morning boot camp workout

And these are from Scott:
977) eye sight
978) Tom Hanks doing the Nerdist podcast
979) typewriters
980) watching someone enjoy a board game
981) comfortable office chairs
982) watching the rain (RR says: my weekend in a nutshell!)
983) finding twenty bucks in your winter jacket when you first bring it out for the season
984) web comics
985) freshwater pools

And so it’s down to me…let’s do this thing

986) when the doctor says everything is fine
987) mini bags of microwave popcorns, so I can eat the whole thing and not hate myself
988) small victories
989) toddlers wearing age-inappropriate clothes, like a 3-year-old in a suit
990) naps
991) cloche hats
992) enthuasiasm
993) exhaustiveness
994) extreme weather (any minute now…Frankenstorm!)
995) meeting famous people and finding out they are nice
996) meeting anyone and finding out they are nice
997) collective endeavours
998) positivity
999) everyone who contributed to this list
1000) love

Seriously, thanks to everyone who took the time to list their likings, especially to Fred, my partner in crime. See y’all back here in 2017 for the fourth 1000, and our 15th years. Amazing!!

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So Much Love by Rebecca Rosenblum

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