September 15th, 2012

1000 Things We Like: Weekend Edition

These are from the lovely and talented Miranda Hill:

526) the stiffness of a new pair of glasses
527) Dad tee shirts that turn into kids’ nightshirts
528) Community pioneers who put businesses in places others have abandoned (e.g. Mixed Media, Hamilton &; thank you!)
529) Stories in our spaces (Project Bookmark Canada)
530) When your teenagers are proud of you (priceless)

And these are from Jeff Bursey, who is also lovely and talented, but in a different way (with number correction):

531) Any book by Blaise Cendrars, but especially his fiction
532) Contemplating getting my books out of storage
533) Music by NRBQ, from any era, with any line-up
534) Getting a home-made music CD in the mail from a friend (RR says: yes! Getting rare, this one.)
535) Seeing new reviews of my book two years after its publication (okay, that may be a solitary pleasure)
536) Seeing an unread Mati Unt book in translation and knowing it’s waiting to be opened
537) The programmed dialogue coming from electronic games in food courts despite the fact no one is playing them
538) Dancing in the computer chair as you type when, suddenly, an upbeat song from the music library comes on
539) The word “autumn” used instead of “fall” (RR says: definitely!)
540) Seeing other authors read live (RR says: also definitely)
541) Regular mail that contains books to review
542) Lists that are not chores
543) Reading in public places, especially hospitals, and tuning out the noise and the conversations and the television
544) A warm, sunny day in February, which is a freak occurrence
545) When grackles show up in April, ahead of crows, heralding spring

And these are from yours truly:

546) arch support
547) when someone you’re waiting for glides over the summit of an elevator
548) getting the whole can of pop for meeeee on an airplane
549) address books
550) something that just fits in the space available
551) neighbours that are the right amount of friendly
552) when the song you wanted comes on the radio right when you want it
553) chutney

Kay–your turn!!

3 Responses to “1000 Things We Like: Weekend Edition”

  • Susan Glickman says:

    554. The first bite of a perfectly crunchy apple (bonus points if it’s still on the tree)
    555. Having a strange cat come over and rub against your legs
    556. Being startled by the stars when you are just going outside to put out the garbage
    557. Putting on socks straight out of the dryer
    558. The smell of a wood fire
    559. A letter instead of an e-mail
    560. When your university student daughter unselfconsciously calls you “Mama”
    561. Laughing out loud when you’re reading something by yourself
    562. A robin’s nest in your window, complete with baby robins
    563. Finding money in a jacket pocket
    564. The way butter melts into all those little holes in a crumpet
    565. Clean sheets on the bed
    566. Getting a phone call from a friend you’ve been thinking about
    567. Sharpening a pencil
    568. Writing with a newly sharpened pencil
    569. Porch swings
    570. Splashing through puddles in rubber boots
    571. A restaurant that gives you mints after dinner
    572. A good haircut
    573. Puns
    574. Sitting on the balcony with a cup of tea and the dog puts his head on your lap
    575. Remembering the French word for something obscure just in time to use it

  • Frederique says:

    577) Really really effective allergy medication
    578) When you beat heavy cream and somehow it just transmogrifies into whipped cream.
    579) Being home alone and spontaneously yelling RicolAAAAAH! really loud like they do in the commercial.
    580) Those outfits made from curtains in “The Sound of Music”.
    581) A picture of yourself in a place you do not recall ever going to.
    582) Fingers calloused from guitar playing
    583) Sitting on a bed in one of those fake rooms at Ikea and pretending you live there.
    584) Pie crust

  • Frederique says:

    And…. I messed up the numbering. Sorry :(

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