September 9th, 2012

1000 Things We Like, third installmant: the ball is rolling

One thing that didn’t occur to me when I started this third installment of 1000 things–I know why more people, and way more diverse people, than I knew back in 2007. No longer are my closest friends the only ones reading this blog (though to be honest, you guys are still a large percentage). Tonnes of people responded to my call-for-liking, and they are posting their likes all over the place.

This is fantastic and inspiring, but also confusing–not everything is linked directly back to Rose-coloured, and I bet most of you don’t vigilantly monitor the interverse for this stuff. So I’ve decided to repost all the like-lists in the main blog (with a link to the original, natch)–that way it doesn’t matter if you posted in the comments, on Facebook, on some other blog, or on that blog’s comments–everyone will be able to see and enjoy your likings. And I’ll be able to keep the numbering accurate (secret OCD, c’est moi!)

There’s tonnes, so I’ll be catching up in installments, but feel free to add your likes wherever you want, whenever you want, but do somehow let me where it is so I can like along with you!!

From Fred in the comments

31) The avuncular handsomeness of Joe Biden (because he is on TV right now)
32) the North Shore of Hawaii
33) The iPhone 4S
34) Zumba (yes,I know)
35) Late Night Snack Ice Cream by Ben and Jerry’s
36) The Showtime series Homeland
37) Pumpkin Spice Lattes
38) Great Lakes Swimmers
39) Sally Hanes InstaDry polish
41) Ann Taylor (the clothing store)
42) The painter George Bellows
43) Cherry Blossoms
44) Dewey Beach in Delaware
45) Beirut (the band)
46) Wine served in tumblers instead of wine glases
47) The Levine Museum of the New South in Charlotte, NC

Siobhan O’Flynn in the comments

48) Stuff White People Like (you know the site)
49) Michelle Obama almost in tears listening to Joe Biden at the DNC (what’s up with that?)
50) Lobster rolls (need we say more?)
51) those 20 minutes right before dawn starts when the air almost starts to hum
52) Jesse on Breaking Bad – the unlikely moral centre
53) freesias
54) my dog’s belly spots…

Mo in the comments

55) waffled bacon and breakfast beans at brunch
56) the ferry to centre island
57) long walks with friends
58) flight sales
59) dusting slippers
60) patios
61) troy and abed in the morning
62) trees
63) mountains
64) melvins
65) old movie posters
66) poutine
67) magenta sunsets
68) sneaky dee’s
69) not saying words but still being understood
70) packages coming in the mail

Melanie (on Facebook)

71) fresh peaches

David (in conversation)

72) the term “email hygiene”

Saleema on A Metaphysical Concert

73) Whistling in chorus with somebody else
74) Allongés with milk
75) Making lists
76) Bouncy castles
77) Cream cheese icing
78) DIY nail art
79) Bunting banners
80) Earl Grey green tea
81) Girls on HBO
82) Radiolab
83) Lime and juniper berry doughnuts from Cafe Sardine
84) Finally getting rid of clothes that don’t fit properly
85) Learning how to purl
86) Chocolate with sea salt
87) Red shoes
88) Voting
89) Cakes decorated with fresh flowers
90) LUSH Gorilla perfume solid scents
91) Joanna Newsom
92) Kir Royales
93) Mark Bittman’s bean burgers
94) Vinyl
95) Headphone jack splitters
96) Ataulfo mangoes
97) Margaret Atwood on Twitter
98) Save-the-Date bookmarks from my wedding in all the books I’m reading

Ariel Gordon on The Jane Day Reader

99) Cups of tea my partner makes and sets gently at my elbow.
100) Losing a couple of hours when writing.
101) Cool fall air from an open window when I’m under my quilt.
102) A just-picked apple.
103) A new notebook, cracked open.
104) Good long walks under the trees.
105) Acceptance letters of all stripes. Anticipation of same.
106) Poached eggs and dry brown toast.
107) Screaming on scary rides at the midway.
108) Postcards. (Personal communication of all kinds, in the mail…)
109) Movies/TV with girls-doing-things in them.
110) Stands of trembling aspens, knowing they’re all genetically identical. How they gleam in the sun.
111) Date squares.
112) Poetry. Poetrypoetrypoetry!
113) Pineapple sage.
114) Sleeping in, my daughter watching cartoons downstairs.
115) Literary magazines in the mail.
116) First book launches.
117) Photographs of bad old Winnipeg by L.B. Foote.
118) Six or seven drinks in a row, then a bunch of dancing.
119) Getting to read Shel Silverstein and Dennis Lee’s poems to my daughter.
120) Leaping into cold lakes, almost colder than I can stand.
121) Cotton candy.
122) Clusters of just-emerged mushrooms.
123) The raspberry vacluse cake at McNally’s.
124) Wooden pencils and severe metal pencil sharpeners.
125) Ferns, swaying wetly.
126) Rock-hard nectarines.
127) Sitting in the dark with a bunch of strangers. Laughing uproariously.
128) A gin and tonic with a slurry of ice crystals in it.
129) Mapo tofu and a big bowl of steaming rice.
130) Silk sari wrap-around skirts.
131) Singer-songwriters. Battered guitars on their laps.
132) Carrying my daughter on my shoulders.
133) Thin metal Korean chopsticks.
134) Rainbow chard, cooked down with ginger and garlic and soy sauce.
135) Rockpicking.
136) Second book launches.

Man, you guys are amazing–we are off to such a good start! I’ll post some more tomorrow and hopefully then we’ll be caught up–such an onslaught of goodness!!

2 Responses to “1000 Things We Like, third installmant: the ball is rolling”

  • Amy says:

    I want to play! Sorry if any are repeats:

    – road trips
    – roller coasters
    – slurpees
    – being underwater
    – group singalongs
    – bears
    – buffy the vampire slayer
    – lake superior
    – dog cuddles
    – beards
    – frozen grapes

  • Mark says:

    Me too! Here we go:

    – That cobalt colour the sky gets right before the dawn
    – David Francey’s music.
    – Really good gym workouts.
    – Fresh tomatoes.
    – A good novel, especially one that you know will be good right from the first few pages.
    – Getting married
    – Flying home for Christmas and meeting delightful weirdos at the Fionn MacCool’s in Pearson T2 while waiting for your plane.
    – The first day of a new season, any season
    – Parties where disparate groups of one’s friends meet and all get along splendidly (esp. at our wedding)
    – Anthony Burgess
    – Wes Anderson movies
    – avocado
    – Thanksgiving
    – back rubs
    – Victoria-by-the-Sea, PEI.
    – Hugs from nieces
    – Seeing your name in print

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