September 13th, 2012

1000 Things We Like: Still Going Strong

From Bob Armstrong:

486) Garden-grown tomatoes.
487) Taking off hiking boots at the end of a long day.
488) GORP.
489) Homemade waffles.
490) Running during a snowstorm.
491) Bending notes on the guitar, whether the song needs them bent or not.
492) Community — especially the paintball episodes. (RR says: I have to see this show–everyone says I’ll love it!)

From my far-away friend Melanie:

493) Eating cereal before bed. (RR says: I do this almost every day!)
494) Line drying the laundry.
495) Sleeping next to a baby.
496) Packages in the mail.
497) Toast with jam.
498) The first chilly day when you know fall is coming.

From Andrew (with corrected numbering to correspond with order of posts, making Andrew the winner of the 500th like slot!!)

499) Elderly women looking in trash cans
500) Elderly men standing and watching construction
501) When cats burp or fart (RR says: my cat only farts in times of great stress. I’m sure you needed to know that.)
502) When you lock your bike to a pole and it falls down
503) Drunk kids eating pizza or Chinese food while staggering home, letting their trash fall behind them as they go
504) Those people whose whole week leads up to Karaoke Night and who are really good at Karaoke
505) Hearing about someone falling asleep on the toilet
506) When Bonnie Prince Billy makes reference in song to either his beard or stomach
507) When little kids fall down and don’t cry until someone asks if they’re okay
508) West Coast IPA
509) Watching anyone over fifteen learning how to skateboard
510) When firefighters set their practice house on fire (RR says: what, you can just go see that? I would like to see that. How? Where?)
511) This friend I had who had a ghost in his house and would pee his pants (grey track pants) whenever he thought about it
512) Tracking lines on VHS
513) When you wait around all day for the mail that might have money for you in, and then you go out for afternoon beer and come home to find the money has come
514) Frank’s hot sauce on everything
515) Using “dickering” instead of “haggling”
516) Other people’s fear of clowns for some reason
517) Those promises you make to yourself when you’re going to sleep that tomorrow you’ll wake up and do all things you’ve been doing wrong the right way

And last (for tonight) from lovely Corinna:
518) Kitty sneezes
519) When the berries on the vine in my back yard turn from green to rich blues and purples in September
520) Petting animals at fairs (goats, chickens, cows, bunnies…) (RR says: we are very much alike, Corinna and I.)
521) The marshmallow ice cream at White Squirrel
522) Cats in boxes (RR says: SO ALIKE!)
523) Fresh homegrown tomatoes with oil, balsamic vinegar, basil and shaved parmesan
524) My dad’s emails
525) Glitter

More than halfway–amazing. But there’s still more to like…bring it on!!

One Response to “1000 Things We Like: Still Going Strong”

  • Jeff Bursey says:

    526) Any book by Blaise Cendrars, but especially his fiction
    527) Contemplating getting my books out of storage
    528) Music by NRBQ, from any era, with any line-up
    529) Getting a home-made music CD in the mail from a friend
    530) Seeing new reviews of my book two years after its publication (okay, that may be a solitary pleasure)
    531) Seeing an unread Mati Unt book in translation and knowing it’s waiting to be opened
    532) The programmed dialogue coming from electronic games in food courts despite the fact no one is playing them
    533) Dancing in the computer chair as you type when, suddenly, an upbeat song from the music library comes on
    534) The word “autumn” used instead of “fall”
    535) Seeing other authors read live
    536) Regular mail that contains books to review
    537) Lists that are not chores
    538) Reading in public places, especially hospitals, and tuning out the noise and the conversations and the television
    539) A warm, sunny day in February, which is a freak occurrence
    540) When grackles show up in April, ahead of crows, heralding spring

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