September 4th, 2012

1000 Things We Like, retro edition (back in 2002…)

Youthful RR once wrote…(note I have not edited this for spelling errors, weird expressions, or other silliness–preferring to preserve my young self as I once was):

“I read a book (the title of which escapes me, damn and blast) in which the 12-ish-year-old daughter of the family is working on a list with her best friend, entitled “1000 Things We Like.” That seems like such an enormously positive endeavour, just wreaking of good karma, I’m gonna try it. Feel free to join in in commentsland. Contribute as many things as you like – if we actually reach 1000, I’ll be so excited!! Only rules are 1) Be specific (name an album or song, not “music” – we need every detailed item we can get to get to 1000 and 2) No sneaky negatives like “People who don’t put their bags on the seats on the train”. Ok, let’s do this! (it’s just gonna be again, isn’t it?)

1) Oven-dried tomatoes
2) Allan Cross and the On-going History of New Music
3) Blogs in general and mine and a few select others in particular
4) Hallowe’en costumes
5) Diet, caffeine-free soda
6) That new Madonna song (sorry, Fred)
7) Fred
8) A Place
9) Punch Drunk Love (so good, but very disturbing. Don’t go expecting Billy Madison Two)
10) *Nsync
11) Squirrels
12) Houseplants
13) Chocolate
14) Typing
15) Daylight Savings Time
16) J.D. Salinger books
17) Getting better at something that’s hard
18) Cats
19) Lists
20) Company
21) Naps
22) Heaven (the concept, of course, but here I mean the film. Film not movie, but I still recommend it. Very good, very surprising)

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So Much Love by Rebecca Rosenblum

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