September 20th, 2012

1000 Things We Like: Over to Scott

Here are some excellent new likes from excellent Scott:

602) When a plan comes together.
603) Touch typing (RR says: must relevant thing I learned in high school)
604) Figuring out yourself how to watch a show downloaded to your ipad through your laptop to your television in such a manner that you feel you are a mad scientist or hacker
605) Walks in Autumn
606) Introducing someone to sushi for the first time
607) Watching a three year old introduce someone to sushi
608) Chalkboard tables (RR says: I don’t know what these are, but want to!)
609) Fall (Autumn) jackets
610) Snakes & Lattes
611) Waking up on a weekend and realizing you have nothing planned
612) Walking the ROM with a child and realizing how much you actually remember from school
613) Explaining how rain works
614) Fist bumps with toddlers
615) Apple spinach blue cheese quiche
616) Cinnamon
617) Guy Gavriel Kay books
618) The smell of new cardboard
619) Pandas
620) The smile on a friend when they realize they like the game you have introduced them to
621) Being the youngest person at a stage production (RR says: this happens to me often–not so sure I like it, though)
622) Frogs in a creek
623) Kayaking at sunset
624) Random hugs
625) Finishing a book and still having time in the evening to do other things
626) Cooking with butter

And from me

627) peanut-butter frosting (duh!)
628) collaborative creativity
629) the first time someone says something that makes me think s/he could be my friend someday
630) when the bus comes just as I walk to the stop
631) the rare times when I pick the cat up and he seems happy about it
632) having a blog
633) the texture of rose petals
634) pretty much about roses
635) the song “Hey Mickey”
636) good hair days

3 Responses to “1000 Things We Like: Over to Scott”

  • Nadia says:

    637) endorphins
    638) bluegrass festivals
    639) the smell of books that have been sitting in the sun
    640) discovering words in other languages that have no conceptual equivalent in english
    641) lately, gelato, a lot
    642) setting the table
    643) running at night
    644) wondering if animals can tell when you’re teasing them
    645) eating something salty after swimming in the ocean
    646) kindness
    647) people who find ways to make a living that don’t involve cubicles
    648)coming terms with something less-than-fabulous about yourself and feeling pumped to change it
    649) Letting fall favoured illusions
    650) Windows, from a cubicle
    651) pigeons, raccoons and other creatures who share the city with us and get a bad rap for wanting to eat.
    652) Finding a writer that is new to you that you want to read
    653) Deep Roots on cbc radio
    654) sloth videos
    655) irreverant people

  • Zai says:

    656) Chocolate with chili peppers
    657) New sheets
    658) Comfy socks
    659) Window seats where you can stare at the world go by
    670) Kisses on the forehead
    671) Kids who smile at you in the grocery store
    672) Newly cut hair
    673) McGill JAMS
    674) Poutine
    675) Foot massages
    676) Being unsure what you dreamed about but waking up happy
    677) Babies
    678) Oatmeal
    679) Discovering a new restaurant
    670) Avocado
    671) Spicy Gouda
    672) Freshly baked granola
    673) The Sound of Music
    674) Natural Hot Springs
    675) When facebook actually finds a long lost friend for you (vs all the randoms it usually recommends lol)

  • Susie Berg says:

    Just had one yesterday: wearing a new piece of clothing that makes you feel great!

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