September 12th, 2012

1000 Things We Like: new stuff

The lists below. are from the comments on yesterday’s post. And they even did their own numbering–bonus! Nice work, guys!

Please keep your lists coming, either directly in the comments or by posting them on your own blog and putting a link in the comments. Feel free to use the contact button above, too, if that floats your boat. HOWEVER, if you have used said button in the past couple weeks, I don’t think it was functioning properly, so please (please!) follow up with me by email (rebeccabooks[at]excite[dot]com)–I don’t want to miss any good liking, or anything else. Magical Stuart at Create Me This fixed it almost as soon as I realized there was a problem, but I can’t be sure how long it was broken before I did notice. Sorry about that, guys!

And now back to the good stuff:

Nathalie says:

410) a new package of coloured markers
411) post-it notes, in all the colours of the rainbow
412) finding the right word for the job
413) being in the middle of a favourite author’s oevre, knowing there’s still lots of great reading ahead of you
414) thoughtful comments left on your blog (RR says: like this one!)
415) recommending a good book
416) nursing a baby in the first six months and knowing all his delicious baby fat has come from you alone
417) teaching a child to read
418) witnessing a child fall in love with books
419) purring cats (RR: yay!)
420) evicted squirrels

From Carolyn:

421) the smell of meadows in the late summer/early fall

Frederique says:

422) A flaky croissant, fresh from the oven.
423) Bolchaia 4 o’clock tea from Albert Ménès in Paris (RR says: usually I like what Fred likes, but I have no idea what this is…intriguing!)
424) Paris
425) Smelling a smell you haven’t smelled since you were little.
426) The number eight
427) Harmonizing with a song on the radio
428) Every song on Madonna’s “True Blue” album
429) Ampersands
430) Holding hands (RR: 1000 yeses!)
431) Unintentional rhymes

From Jarret, via Twitter, the contact form, and email (thanks for sorting through my contact difficulties, Jarret!!)

432) getting lost in a great song
433) road trips for ice cream (RR says: absolutely! preferably near a river!)
434) a cold beer on a hot day
435) hockey!
436) a long straight drive off the tee
437) action flicks where lots of stuff blows up
438) Muay Thai after a hard day
439) boneless chicken wings
440) chocolate!
441) watching the game with a group of buddies
442) funny sports bloopers
443) Edward Van Halen
444) that feeling of accomplishment right after completing something difficult or something you’ve put off
445) cookie dough ice cream

Wowsers, I did not think we’d be almost halfway through before I got to add some more–this is going incredibly well. And now, from me:

446) when the cat pretends he can’t jump on the windowsill so that someone will lift him up, because to figure out dishonesty he’d have to be pretty intelligent
447) Swiss Chalet dipping sauce
448) naps
449) getting nail polish on my nails properly (very rare)
450) Magical Stuart at Create Me This
451) a second wind
452) my shiny blue shoes, even though they hurt (worth it)
453) liking a book I didn’t think I would like
454) buying something on sale
455) seeing someone help a parent lift a stroller off a bus (or doing so myself)
456) dogs that clearly want me to pet them
457) P!nk’s song “Trouble”
458) the second seat behind the back doors, beside the window, on TTC buses
459) watching a rainstorm through the window (or from a screened porch)
460) seeing my new niece play with my childhood dollhouse
461) seeing my parents seeing #460
462) the magic words “per diems”
463) feeling the plane taxiing down the runway
464) getting an appliance to work that previously refused
465) seeing the post-carrier on the way into my building and feeling hopeful
466) high-calibre hugs
467) meeting a friend’s new baby for the first time–new friend!
468) British Museum in London, especially the collections from the 1800s that were collected *at the time*
469) schwarma from Pitaland
470) passing someone so many times on the sidewalk over a period of weeks that you finally start smiling at each other in greeting, even though you have no idea who the other person is
471) swings
472) peanut-butter M&Ms
473) Donald Barthelme
474) palindromes
475) Christmas choral music
476) good hair days
477) the word “calliope”
478) going to readings and hearing something new
479) prime numbers
480) Hotti Biscotti
481) using my liberal arts degree ALL THE TIME (take that, haters!)
482) Tina Fey
483) Jimmy Fallon
484) My sparkly pink retainer case
485) My brother

That seems an appropriate note to end on–more soon, I have no doubt. Who will give us the 500th like?

2 Responses to “1000 Things We Like: new stuff”

  • Bob Armstrong says:

    When you bike to work with the wind at your back and the wind changes direction so you bike home with the wind at your back.

    Garden-grown tomatoes.

    Taking off hiking boots at the end of a long day.


    Homemade waffles.

    Running during a snowstorm.

    Bending notes on the guitar, whether the song needs them bent or not.

    Community — especially the paintball episodes.

  • Melanie LaFleche says:

    Eating cereal before bed.

    Line drying the laundry.

    Sleeping next to a baby.

    Packages in the mail.

    Toast with jam.

    The first chilly day when you know fall is coming.

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