September 16th, 2012

1000 Things We Like: Before Bed

These are from Susan Glickman–thanks so much for these lovely likes, Susan!

554. The first bite of a perfectly crunchy apple (bonus points if it’s still on the tree)
555. Having a strange cat come over and rub against your legs (RR: hooray!)
556. Being startled by the stars when you are just going outside to put out the garbage
557. Putting on socks straight out of the dryer
558. The smell of a wood fire
559. A letter instead of an e-mail
560. When your university student daughter unselfconsciously calls you “Mama”
561. Laughing out loud when you’re reading something by yourself (RR says: this is extremely rare for me–I am a social laugher–but yes, I totally get it!)
562. A robin’s nest in your window, complete with baby robins
563. Finding money in a jacket pocket
564. The way butter melts into all those little holes in a crumpet
565. Clean sheets on the bed
566. Getting a phone call from a friend you’ve been thinking about
567. Sharpening a pencil
568. Writing with a newly sharpened pencil
569. Porch swings
570. Splashing through puddles in rubber boots
571. A restaurant that gives you mints after dinner
572. A good haircut
573. Puns
574. Sitting on the balcony with a cup of tea and the dog puts his head on your lap
575. Remembering the French word for something obscure just in time to use it

I think we’ll cover up a a skipped number in the list with my mom’s sole contribution so far:

576) Baking a really good cake

And these from Fred:

577) Really really effective allergy medication
578) When you beat heavy cream and somehow it just transmogrifies into whipped cream.
579) Being home alone and spontaneously yelling RicolAAAAAH! really loud like they do in the commercial. (RR: I shall try this!)
580) Those outfits made from curtains in “The Sound of Music”.
581) A picture of yourself in a place you do not recall ever going to.
582) Fingers calloused from guitar playing
583) Sitting on a bed in one of those fake rooms at Ikea and pretending you live there.
584) Pie crust

And, what the hay, I think I’ll round out the night with some of my own

585) A cat who fits exactly in a box, and enjoys being there
586) Special effects in live performances
587) Realizing, with shock and joy, that Christmas will come *again* in a few months
588) Feeding ducks (or watching others feeding ducks, if one has forgotten to bring bread)
589) When someone knows me well enough to give me the thing I want before I ask for it
590) When traffic finally starts moving after you’ve been stuck for a while
591) Bare feet on cool grass
592) Bouncing up and down in the ocean when the waves are rough but not too rough
593) Skor bits
594) Good advice
595) Suddenly realizing that my hair is pretty long
596) Being picked up from the airport
597) Digicorders
598) REM’s “Why Not Smile”
599) When people point out how much I look like my mom
600) Baths
601) The expression “what the hay”

Good night!

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