September 10th, 2012

1000 Things We Like: and more!

These are from Heather, who posted them in a comment on Allyson’s blog:

280) the smell of rain
281) picking a tomato warm from the sun off the vine and eating it
282) the cool breezes of fall
283) cooking a meal with friends
284) a hot bubble bath in my claw foot tub during a winter storm (RR says: envious!)
285) my cat waking me up by peaking his head up at the top of my bed and meowing
286) the feel of a man’s skin under a cotton shirt
287) new sexy high heels
288) canoeing in Alquonquin
289) cooking an Italian feast, while sipping on wine and listening to Billy Holliday LPs on my record player
290) skinny dipping in cool water on a hot summer day
291) the excitement of a new painting/sculpture emerging into my psyche
292) summer storms
293) Driving a truck, listening to Led Zeppelin really loud
294) Kensington Market Pedestrian Sundays
295) Dancing to the Lemon Bucket Orchestra
296) Porch sitting with good friends
297) Watching a great film/documentary at TIFF
298) James Joyce
299) a glorious day in the studio creating without interruption
300) Peaches in season (RR says: this is the 3rd variant on the peach theme!!)
301) London’s Camden Market
302) Road trips with a stop off at Tim Hortens
303) Visiting Blake’s work at the Tate
304) Getting a henna tatoo in Little India
305) Dressing up for Lunacy Cabaret
306) Openings on Queen West and Ossington on Thursday nights and seeing everyone
307) Rotis at Bacchus
308) Walking along the beach in winter to see the swans
309) The rush of a first kiss
310) Creative, sensual men with long hair
311) Listening to street musicians
312) Street art
313) Junction Flea Market
314) The canals of Venice
315) Meandering……
316) Singing spirituals
317) Dancing to Funk
318) Making art in the studio with friends, take out Thai, great music and Mill Street Organic
319) Taking the ferry to Toronto’s Wards and Algonquin Islands
320) Ted Talks
321) Hugging my son
322) The MOMA
323) Chateneuf du Pape
324) The taste of fresh roasted corn
325)Listening to Mississippi Blues while eating Catfish and cornbread
326) The last scene in Big Fish
327) Riding my bike to the studio
328) Sharing a cottage/tent with friends
329) Cuddling and watching a movie on a rainy Sunday with a lover
330) That moment when all is working on a art piece
331) Velvet
332) Vintage Clothes
333) The scent of oil paint and wood when first entering a studio space
334) Tuscan beans on Crostini
335) Finding a great Jazz album at a flea market
336) The scent of earth at the beginning of Spring
337) Falling in love
338) Visiting the baby goats at Riverdale Farm
339) Sharing an evening of great conversation with a good friend
340) Chartreuse341) Being absorbed in a great book
341)Citroen Deux Cheveau
342) A lover’s strong hands
343) Visiting my out of town soul sisters and recharging
344) Gypsy Wagons
345) Sinaed OConnor’s haunting voice
346) the scent of figs and brown sugar
347) Kissing on the beach
348) the first cup of coffee in the morning
349) dying old vintage slips bright beautiful colours
350) discussing politics with friends
351) Turquoise blue vintage cars
352) Looking at photos of my daughter when she was a toddler
353) my canary yellow kimono
354) The scene wear Denys takes Karen in his plane in Out of Africa
355) Snow covered trees on a bright Winter day
356) Baking cookies for my son when he gets home from school
357) Bangles
358) Crawling into a bed just made with sweet smelling sheets that dried on the line
359) Finding a treasure by the side of the road
360) Watching the dogs play together in the water at the beach
361) Bear hugs
362) Sunday phone calls with my mom
363) Parties (RR says: this a great one–often overlooked!)
364) Putting on a fire after a long walk in the snow
365) Taking a train
366) Street festivals
367) Visiting a Baptist Church in Harlem
368) That rush of speed when a plane first takes off
369) Finding my way around a transit system in a new city
370) Praying with friends
371) Bookstores
372) My cowboy hat
373) Discovering a restarant/bar in an alley way
374) Dancing the tango
375) Vespas
376) Receiving flowers from a beautiful man
377) My daughter calling me Mama
378) Discussing poetry over a glass of a full bodied red wine
379) People who give up their seats to the elderly on the bus
380) My neighbourhood dog friends
381) Walking in the Ravine

Can you believe we are almost 40% there already? Me neither. Keep’em coming. I’ll post more in the morning from Amy and Mark!!

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