September 6th, 2012

1000 Things We Like, 2012: The Third 1000

As I said in the previous retro post, I started listing things I like and exhorting my friends to do the same in Fall 2002. It was so much fun making that community list (boy does it take a village if you want to get to 1000) that it happened again 5 years later. And, now, to celebrate the decade anniversary of 1000 things, dare we go for 3000?

I’m in. Fred, one of the best likers I know, is in. Are you in? If so, feel free to add to the list–either in the comments section or on your on own blog, with the link in the comments. If the numbering gets screwed up (it always does) I’ll fix and repost–promise! Your list contributions can be as personal or as general as you like, but do make’em specific as possible–name the band you like, don’t just say “music”–we’ll need a lot of specificity to get to three grand! It’s ok if your likes disagree with someone else who previously contributed to the list–if for example you write summer and someone else already wrote winter! We don’t have to *all* like *everything*–just submit it as a thing that one *can* like!

I think I’ll start the list off with things that I didn’t know about–or actually didn’t exist–the last time we did the list, in 2007.

1) The way iPads reoriente from portrait to landscape when you twist them–how do they know?
2) Crowd-sourcing
3) Pancake flats
4) Shopping for Japanese paper
5) Dancing at my wedding
6) When you sleep on your side and your cat sleeps in the small of your back
7) The Book of Awesome (this idea’s big enough to share)
8) Cherry coke zero
9) Sometimes being good at my job
10) Massaman curry
11) Publishing a book
12) Running into friends in random spots in the city
13) The red-sand beach(es) in PEI
14) The monorail in Tokyo
15) The dollhouse at Windsor castle
16) Teaching high school (for brief stints)
17) Tart frozen yoghurt
18) Interval training (I’ve tried it before, but I finally like it now)
19) Fun (the band)–especially the “inspiring” songs
20) Plum Points (sigh–embarrassing)
21) Nostalgia
22) My brie baker
23) Lonely cat cuddles
24) 30 Rock
25) Roots leather bags (actually worth the $$–who knew?)
26) Going on a book tour
27) Being able to say, “I’m going on a book tour.”
28) WordPress
29) Having my own YouTube channel
30) Teeny tiny lizards

Enough for now, but there’s more–so, so much more! What do you like?

10 Responses to “1000 Things We Like, 2012: The Third 1000”

  • Siobhan O'Flynn says:

    Stuff White People Like (you know the site); Michelle Obama almost in tears listening to Joe Biden at the DNC (what’s up with that?); Lobster rolls (need we say more?); those 20 minutes right before dawn starts when the air almost starts to hum; Jesse on Breaking Bad – the unlikely moral centre; freesias; my dog’s belly spots…

  • Frederique says:

    New things… good idea

    31) The avuncular handsomeness of Joe Biden (because he is on TV right now)
    32) the North Shore of Hawaii
    33) The iPhone 4S
    34) Zumba (yes,I know)
    35) Late Night Snack Ice Cream by Ben and Jerry’s
    36) The Showtime series Homeland
    37) Pumpkin Spice Lattes
    38) Great Lakes Swimmers
    39) Sally Hanes InstaDry polish
    40) MSNBC
    41) Ann Taylor (the clothing store)
    42) The painter George Bellows
    43) Cherry Blossoms
    44) Dewey Beach in Delaware
    45) Beirut (the band)
    46) Wine served in tumblers instead of wine glases
    47) The Levine Museum of the New South in Charlotte, NC
    OK… I’m going to keep thinking on this

  • mo says:

    -waffled bacon and breakfast beans at brunch
    -the ferry to centre island
    -long walks with friends
    -flight sales
    -dusting slippers
    -troy and abed in the morning
    -old movie posters
    -magenta sunsets
    -sneaky dee’s
    -not saying words but still being understood
    -packages coming in the mail

  • saleema says:

    Yay! I love concept of this list and just about everything everyone has included so far. And a big yes to tart yogurt and teeny tiny lizards in particular. I’m going to look up Fun, whom I’ve never heard of, and 25) is rather dangerous information…

    I put some more items up here:

  • Ariel Gordon says:

    I listed some too!

  • Allyson Latta | Things I Like (doin' my bit for "1,000 Things We Like" by Rebecca Rosenblum) says:

    […] over at Rose Coloured has really started something. A feel-good […]

  • Alllyson Latta says:

    Hey, Rebecca,

    I love this idea! Here’s my post about you, along with my own “Things I Like” — some of them anyway — at What fun it was to do, and what wonderful memories came out of this. Thank you. btw, I’m partial to Japanese paper and teeny lizards myself.

  • Rebecca says:

    You guys are amazing–I loved all these posts (and most of the things they mentioned). I’ve reposted all by Allyson’s in the main blog–I ran out of time but I’ll get to Allyson’s awesome likes tomorrow. Yay, everything!!

  • Corinna says:

    – Kitty sneezes
    – When the berries on the vine in my back yard turn from green to rich blues and purples in September
    – Petting animals at fairs (goats, chickens, cows, bunnies…)
    – The marshmallow ice cream at White Squirrel
    – Cats in boxes
    – Fresh homegrown tomatoes with oil, balsamic vinegar, basil and shaved parmesan
    – My dad’s emails
    – Glitter

  • a few things « Matilda Magtree says:

    […] Latta was right when she suggested I might love what Rebecca Rosenblum is doing over at Rose Coloured—i.e. making a list of Things We Like—because, it just so happens, one of the things I like most […]

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