September 11th, 2012

1000 Things, 3rd edition: so many things!

These are from Amy, an excellent human with whom I once talked for pretty much three days and she was fascinating the entire time. Happy to have her likes on the list:

382) road trips
383) roller coasters
384) slurpees
385) being underwater
386) group singalongs
387) bears
388) buffy the vampire slayer
389) lake superior
390) dog cuddles
391) beards (RR says: Yes! So underappreciated!)
392) frozen grapes

And these are from Mark, who is also awesome, and the first male contributer to this list. And married to me!

393) That cobalt colour the sky gets right before the dawn
394) David Francey’s music.
395) Really good gym workouts.
396) Fresh tomatoes.
397) A good novel, especially one that you know will be good right from the first few pages.
398) Getting married (RR says: yep!)
399) Flying home for Christmas and meeting delightful weirdos at the Fionn MacCool’s in Pearson T2 while waiting for your plane.
400) The first day of a new season, any season
401) Parties where disparate groups of one’s friends meet and all get along splendidly (esp. at our wedding)
402) Anthony Burgess
403) Wes Anderson movies
404) avocado
405) Thanksgiving
406) back rubs
407) Victoria-by-the-Sea, PEI.
408) Hugs from nieces
409) Seeing your name in print

5 Responses to “1000 Things, 3rd edition: so many things!”

  • Nathalie says:

    410)a new package of coloured markers
    411)post-it notes, in all the colours of the rainbow
    412)finding the right word for the job
    413)being in the middle of a favourite author’s oevre, knowing there’s still lots of great reading ahead of you
    414)thoughtful comments left on your blog
    415)recommending a good book
    416)nursing a baby in the first six months and knowing all his delicious baby fat has come from you alone
    417)teaching a child to read
    418)witnessing a child fall in love with books
    419)purring cats
    420)evicted squirrels

  • Carolyn says:

    421) the smell of meadows in the late summer/early fall

  • Frederique says:

    422)A flaky croissant, fresh from the oven.
    423)Bolchaia 4 o’clock tea from Albert Ménès in Paris
    425)Smelling a smell you haven’t smelled since you were little.
    426)The number eight
    427)Harmonizing with a song on the radio
    428)Every song on Madonna’s “True Blue” album
    430)Holding hands
    431)Unintentional rhymes

  • Andrew says:

    432) Elderly women looking in trash cans
    433) Elderly men standing and watching construction
    434) When cats burp or fart
    435) When you lock your bike to a pole and it falls down
    436) Drunk kids eating pizza or Chinese food while staggering home, letting their trash fall behind them as they go
    437) Those people whose whole week leads up to Karaoke Night and who are really good at Karaoke
    438) Hearing about someone falling asleep on the toilet
    439) When Bonnie Prince Billy makes reference in song to either his beard or stomach
    440) When little kids fall down and don’t cry until someone asks if they’re okay
    441) West Coast IPA
    442) Watching anyone over fifteen learning how to skateboard
    443) When firefighters set their practice house on fire
    444) This friend I had who had a ghost in his house and would pee his pants (grey track pants) whenever he thought about it
    445) Tracking lines on VHS
    446) When you wait around all day for the mail that might have money for you in, and then you go out for afternoon beer and come home to find the money has come
    447) Frank’s hot sauce on everything
    448) Using “dickering” instead of “haggling”
    449) Other people’s fear of clowns for some reason
    450) Those promises you make to yourself when you’re going to sleep that tomorrow you’ll wake up and do all things you’ve been doing wrong the right way

  • Miranda Hill says:

    – the stiffness of a new pair of glasses

    – Dad tee shirts that turn into kids’ nightshirts

    – Community pioneers who put businesses in places others have abandoned (e.g. Mixed Media, Hamilton & thank you!)

    – Stories in our spaces (Project Bookmark Canada)

    – When your teenagers are proud of you (priceless)

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