June 21st, 2012

Best under 35 (just barely) in the Windsor Review

Next spring, when I am of the approximate age 34 and eleven-twelths, of story of mine called “First Afternoon” will be included in an issue of the *Windsor Review* cataloguing some of the best writers under 35 according to them. I’m honoured to be included, though feeling a little self-conscious of my squeaker age status. Nevertheless, twill be neat to be in such good company. Who is the company? Glad you asked–so many awesomes. This video trailer for the issue, the first that I’ve ever seen for a journal issue, explains it all. Note me, looking strangely gaunt and bug-eyed, in the second half (in split screen!)

2 Responses to “Best under 35 (just barely) in the Windsor Review”

  • Laura Boudreau says:

    Congratulations, Rebecca! And I love that you’re a stickler for the rules (34 and 11/12s is totally legit).

    You look and sound great in the video! My only complaint is that next spring is kind of a long time away.

  • Rebecca says:

    I know, eh–so much suspense! I have never been involved in a journal trailer before–maybe they always do them with a lot of lead time, to build up excitement!!

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