May 8th, 2012

Reading tonight in St. Catharines

So I’m reading tonight at the Virus Reading Series in St. Catharines with Mark Sampson (yknow, that guy) and it promises to be excellent. And I read yesterday to a seniors group here in Toronto, marking my first-ever reading in (a) a place of worship, (b) in the morning, or (c) that had to follow an announcement that a member of the group had been seriously injured. It was challenging but I think the reading went well, and audience was seriously engaged–tough questions, but those are the best kind.

I’ve done so many readings in the 8 months since *The Big Dream* came out–more than 30, anyway–and I think I like each one better than the last. It’s such a thrill to get to share my work with an audience, and I never know how they’re going to respond–that’s the really exciting part.

So despite the dark grey weather and my lurking migraine, I am in a good mood today! Hope to see you tonight in St. Cats! (Does anyone actually call it that?)

2 Responses to “Reading tonight in St. Catharines”

  • Scott Watson says:

    Z does, then laughs saying that it’s silly they named their town after her cousin (or cats).

  • Rebecca says:

    Either way, it’d be a good idea! Z has the right idea about most things!

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