May 14th, 2012

Next Week in Review

I always seem to think I’m just around the corner from a peaceful, unbusy period in my life, and of course in never happens. Now that I’m over the intense craziness at work, I can return to being insanely busy in my off-hours–hosting out-of-towners, attending concerts, filling out government forms ALL WRONG and having to do them over again. Exciting events today include laundry, buying a calculator, and redoing the damn form. If they come for me in the night, please rest assured that I haven’t done anything wrong–I’m just too stupid to prove it.

Ahem. The rest of the week will be better. Here are some of the highlights as I now perceive them–no calculators required!

Tuesday: The Toronto Launch of Akana Schofield’s *Malarky*, which promises to be wonderful. If you, like me, can’t actually make it, there are some other opportunities to see Ms. Schofield read. See you at the library, perchance?

Tuesday also: Cadence: The Next Chapter will be cool tunes and a new member for Toronto’s favourite a capella guys. At the very classy Hugh’s Room. I’ll be there!

Wednesday: The wondrous Kerry Clare hosts an evening of short-story excellence with Heather Birrell, Carrie Snyder, and Daniel Griffin. Depending on my levels of failure or success in other areas of my life, I may or may not be there–but I would love to attend!!

Thursday: I will attend a Feldenkrais class, which is a new thing I’ve been exploring and really quite fascinating.

Friday: Is the cast and crew screening for the new short film, *How to Keep Your Day Job.* They are going to let me attend, even though I am neither cast nor crew. I’ll let you know how it goes (but I have a guess, and the guess is: awesome!)

What are you doing this week?

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