May 30th, 2012

My new YouTube channel

Ever since Amy Jones explained to me that my still camera has a video feature on it (Amy is a genius, peeps) I have been making videos. Lots and lots of videos that I don’t know how to edit so I just have to take them over and over until I get it right in one take, or else get bored, which is why a lot of my videos are weird, end abruptly, or have the subject hide under the bed in the middle.

Oh, that’s the other thing–all my videos are about Cats I Know. I like to immortalize these cats so that I can watch the videos when I can’t go visit them (cats never write, never call…) Also cats make good video subjects if you can corner them–so photogenic!!

And now I have a YouTube channel where you can watch these videos, too: ta da!

Isn’t it great? I have more videos I haven’t uploaded yet (my computer started to get hot and make a grindy noise) so stay tuned.

In case you weren’t convinced by my pitch to follow the link, I will embed the first video in the series, the one of my own cat, Evan:

2 Responses to “My new YouTube channel”

  • julia says:

    R, this video is hilarious. I laughed so hard at your assessment of Evan’s intelligence and about his predilection for biting (even guests!). I look forward to checking out your youtube channel. Seriously, the commentary is really great. You could make Evan into a star!

  • Rebecca says:

    I’m so glad you like it, Julia, especially knowing that you’re of the birder rather than cat-er variety!!

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