January 15th, 2012

What’s Going On

The Big Dream came out four months ago this coming Friday (yes, I do celebrate book birthdays) and it is still enjoying some nice attention. The Globe and Mail ran a very happy-making review on Saturday, and I have a number of events coming up. If you’re not sick of me/this book quite yet, I hope you’ll make it to one. And, as ever, if there isn’t event in your area and you wish there were, let me know–couldn’t hurt.

  • January 31, Presenting at the Backpack to Briefcase event at University of Toronto, with people from all walks of humanties-based life
  • February 5, Reading at Lit Live in Hamilton with Russell Smith, Gary Barwin, Adam Sol, Maria Meindl, and Laura Lush.
  • February 6, Reading at Rowers Pub in Toronto with Russell Smith and Carleton Wilson
  • March 14, A tentative reading of some sort in Barrie (details forthcoming, unless it doesn’t work out, in which case, not)
  • March 21, Reading at the Pivot at the Press Club Reading Series with Sandara Ridley and Ayelet Tsabari
  • March 27, Reading at the St. Mary’s Reading Series in Halifax with Amy Jones
  • March 28, Reading at Acadia University in Wolfville with Amy Jones
  • March 29, Reading at the UNB Reading Series in Fredericton with Amy Jones
  • May 8, Virus Reading Series in St. Catherines with Mark Sampson
  • June 5, Reading at the Eh List Reading Series in Toronto with someone(s) who are surely lovely but TBD
  • Hope to see your smiling faces at one of these! Drop me a line if you need more info.

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    So Much Love by Rebecca Rosenblum

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