November 30th, 2011

Tomorrow night

I am pretty jazzed about the reading I’m doing tomorrow night, because my co-reader is the marvellous Anne Perdue, author of I’m a Registered Nurse Not a Whore, a book many probably read for the title, but few were likely to be disappointed. It’s an amazing collection. Our reading will be at the Lillian H. Smith library on College Street, one of the nicest libraries in Toronto. It’s also really close to my favourite Chinese restaurant, which I will point you towards if you like. You really can’t lose.

Can’t make the reading, but still craving more of my thoughts? Well, that’s a dubious pursuit, but I did participate in Shaun Smith’s Fiction Craft Discussion on Dialogue this month, so you could check that out.

In other news…today I opened a can of chickpeas to make my lunch and the kitten went *insane*. The can is the same size/shape as his catfood can, and apparently he thought I was hogging all the catfood for myself and not sharing. That he would think so little of me really hurt my feelings, which tells you a bit about how tired I am. Also, today it snowed, and I betcha that won’t be the last of it.

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