November 8th, 2011

Stuff going on

So I was in the Deathmatch on Sunday night, and I went down in the first round. But it’s ok, because the winner was Dani Couture, and losing to Dani is a lot like winning, due to her awesomeness. Other awesomeness was provided by Carolyn Black and Grace O’Connell. And a special shout-out to Ricardo at the Gladstone Hotel, who retrieved my lost camera for me and kept it safe until I could come for it. I owe you one, Ricardo!!

Other things that happened in the past few days–a mini-mention in the Toronto Star (not online, sorry) and a wonderful review in the Rover by Mark Paterson. That latter review made my day–I felt like Paterson really “got it.” Not that reviews should have any bearing on how I feel about my book, not that people who understand the book in different ways than I do are wrong–some have much better interpretations than mine–but it is nice to know that I wrote the book in such a way that someone might, at least, feel about it how I do. This is my favourite sentence from the piece: “Communication, understanding, and perception are themes Rosenblum began to explore in Once and takes up again in The Big Dream.” Ok, well, and this one: “Rebecca Rosenblum is one of literary Canada’s funniest food comedians.” If I knew how to put emoticons into my blog posts, I think I’d be driven to use one here.

And now jumping ahead–I’ll be reading at the Lillian H. Smith Library with the fantastic Ann Perdue on December 1. Which is my last event of 2011 (that I know of)–looking forward to it immensely.

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So Much Love by Rebecca Rosenblum

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