September 8th, 2011

Vancouver to Halifax (but not in that order)–The Dream Tour

A couple nights ago, I dreamed I was Dave Barry. If you are not familiar with him, Dave Barry is a very sucessful American humourist who has written tonnes of books and newspaper columns, and used to do a lot of book tours and speaking engagements that took him all over the world. Then he would write subsequent books and newspaper columns about how he hated touring.

When I am awake, I don’t think I’ll ever be Dave Barry–as far as I’m concerned, all readings are thrilling. And I have a lot of thrills ahead on the upcoming Dream Tour–I’m a little in awe about hitting 7 provinces and doing close to 20 readings in the next few months. Of the cities I’m slated to visit, I’ve never set foot in 4 of them (I bet regular Rose-coloured readers can guess which). And I’m touring with cool people throughout, so I don’t think I’ll have many dull moments.

If you are in or near any of the following spots on the right days, please do come out and tell your friends and associates to join us. I will no doubt be talking up all of these events individually as they get closer, and of course some things might get added (or subtracted, I suppose) but for now, here’s the plan:

September 20, Toronto The Big Dream Book Launch at the Dora Keogh (141 Danforth), 7pm–featuring a stage interview with Kerry Clare, a short reading, books for sale, and a muffin tray–what more could you want??

October 2, Windsor Women of the Short Story Kickoff event in Windsor at the Phog Lounge, 7:30, in concert with Laura Boudreau and Cathy Stonehouse

October 3, London, with Cathy and Laura at the London Public Library, 3rd Floor, 7pm

October 4, Hamilton, with Laura and Cathy, at Bryan Prince Booksellers

October 5, Toronto, with Cathy and Laura, at Type Books on Queen Street, 6pm

October 6, Ottawa, with Laura and Cathy, at Collected Works

October 7, Montreal, with Cathy and Laura, at Cafe Matina

Then–a nap. Well, then Thanksgiving, then a nap, then some work. And then,

October 19, Peterborough, a solo reading at Trent University

November 6, Toronto (venue TBD), the Literary Deathmatch, Golden Girls edition, with Carolyn Black, Dani Couture, and Grace O’Connell, hosted by Julie Wilson

And then, oh my god, in an airplane. WITH WINGS!

November 22, Calgary, with Ray Roberson, at Pages on Kensington

November 23, Vancouver, with Ray and Cathy (remember her from October?), at Incite (scroll down), 7:30pm

November 24, Winnipeg, with Ray, at McNally Robinson Grant Park, 7pm

Then a whole bunch more work, the winter holidays, 2012, and then (you aren’t tired of this yet, are you?)

February 5, Hamilton, at Lit Live, Line up TBD, 7:30

February 6, Toronto, at The Rowers Pub Reading Series, Line up TBD, 7:30

Then work, and snow, and then OMG another airplane! Hopefully this one has wings too!

March 27, Halifax, with Amy Jones, at…details to come

March 28, Wolfville, with Amy, details to come

March 29, Fredericton, with Amy, details to come

Ok, that’s a lot of readings, but stretched over 7 months it should actually be just about perfect–no Barry-esque kvetching from this corner. I also do the occasional school or book club visit, but I’m not including those here since they aren’t public. If you want to talk about that possibility in your school/book club, please drop me a line.

Also, if you are distant from all of the above readings and wish I were doing one closer to you, please let me know. Not just because it’s an ego boost for me, but because it’s helpful to know where I could schedule a reading and not be faced with a sea of empty chairs. Obviously, if you’re knowledgable about good venues to read in and that sort of thing, that’s helpful, but no problem if you just want to say, “Come read in Saskatoon (etc.)!”

Really hoping to see many of your lovely faces at some of these events!

7 Responses to “Vancouver to Halifax (but not in that order)–The Dream Tour”

  • Frederique says:

    What is wolfville? Also, awaiting US leg impatiently!!!

  • Jeff says:

    Rebecca, hi. In charlottetown, pei, there’s a store called Bookmark.

    You could try contacting c-town’s Lori Cheverie via their site. She often organizes events with Richard Lemm at the University of Prince Edward Island, and with the PEI Writers’ Guild. Worth trying, since you’ll be in halifax and f’ton.

    If you come here, you could sell books or cookies.


  • Laura says:

    Brilliant! I so wish I could make it on the 20th… Break a leg!

    Really looking forward to Octoberfest with you and Cathy.


  • Rebecca says:

    Fred, Wolfville is in Nova Scotia, and it sounds very nice: It is a university tour and Acadia is located there, so that’s the hook.

    Jeff, thanks for the info! I’ll see if the travel timing on those March dates works, and if I have the courage to call the Bookmark to set something up! It would certainly be fun to read in C-town!

    Laura, I’m really looking forward to reading with you. Isn’t it funny how we keep turning up in each other’s lives??

  • Laura says:

    Our future biographers are going to go nuts with these alleged “coincidences.”

  • AMT says:

    i want my biography to be called Alleged Coincidences. also i want to protest about the lack of edmonton stop on the book tour! … just because i’m not there this year doesn’t mean the fans i made you aren’t going to be disappointed…

  • Rebecca says:

    I want to go to Edmonton too–I just need a reading-organizer to invite me! Believe me, I’m on the lookout for such an invitation!!

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