September 1st, 2011

On my desk right now

-desk lamp
-my watch
-desk organizer full of pens, pencils, 3 pairs of scissors
-bottle of bubble stuff
-doctor’s requisition for an ultrasound of my neck
-Niagara Arts and Literary Festival keepsake minibook
-Central Neighbourhood House brochure (I’m going to volunteer for them if I ever again have free time)
-sleeping kitten
-stack of academic articles written by my parents
-a sixpence I got in England, to be put in my shoe on my wedding day
-2 coasters
-phone handset
-mixed cd Em made me
-photos from P&J’s engagement party (yes, actual hard-copy photos!)
-business cards and postcards I keep meaning to put up
-a cut-out comic strip from “Rhymes with Orange”: a man is standing in the library near the shelf labelled “Books on CD”–he turns to the librarian and says, “No graphic novels?”
-a London tube map
-an expired library card from the Thomas Fischer Rare Book Library

That was fun. What’s on your desk?

4 Responses to “On my desk right now”

  • Frederique says:

    I did it, too!

  • Frederique says:

    Oh and also ultrasound of your neck. Still???!!! All’s well, I trust!

  • Jeff says:

    RR, hello.

    You might like this:

    On my writing desk:

    -no computer (it’s in the shop)
    -answering machine
    -some other papers
    -external hard drive and Time Capsule, and modem
    -new books to review and just to read
    -a pen
    -a few CDs
    -more paper
    -a coaster
    -some dust

  • Rebecca says:

    Thanks, Fred and Jeff for playing along. And for the kitchen-table link, which I do love.

    Fred, my neck is fine–when I was sick, the doctor made out the ultrasound prescription to fill after I’d been well for three months, to make sure that there’s no lingering concerns. Of course, now that I’m feeling fine, it’s hard to bother getting it together to make an appointment.

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