August 22nd, 2011

A Little Different Now

Mainly, Rose-coloured is the same as it ever was, but if you look closely, there are a few little changes. Most striking on this page is the big beautiful book cover to your right–the cover of the forthcoming *The Big Dream*. If clicked on, this icon will take you to the Books page, which has been updated to include an entry on this book, complete with back-cover bumf, reviews (hopefully to be expanded in future) and buying links. You can also see a new picture of me, if so inclined, on the bio page.

All this just one more step towards my very exciting BOOK LAUNCH, which did I mention is SEPTEMBER 20th at the DORA KEOGH???? I’m very excited.

Thanks to Stuart at Create Me This for design excellence (and alarcrity).

3 Responses to “A Little Different Now”

  • Frederique says:

    I love the bus photo. I have always wanted to lie down like this on the bus, but there are always other passengers there, who might become frightened.

    Please upload book launch photos for those of us who won’t be there!

  • Rebecca says:

    It was a really unpopular bus, so there were almost no other passenger

    Re launch photos, you betcha!

  • Kerry says:

    I can’t wait for the launch!

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