June 11th, 2011

What I’m Doing Tomorrow

Just a reminder that I’ll be reading in St. Catherine’s tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon at 3pm, in the fine fine company of short-story-ist Carolyn Black and poet Jacob McArthur Mooney. This reading is part of 31 days of reading in June in the Niagara reading, as part of the Niagara Literary Arts Festival, a very very cool endeavour.

If you can join us tomorrow, please follow the link and scroll down to June 12 for more details. If you can’t make it tomorrow, click the link and scroll through the many options of awesomeness to see what else you might enjoy. There’s tonnes of good stuff!

2 Responses to “What I’m Doing Tomorrow”

  • carin says:

    Have stumbled upon this lovely bit of news via your link on Allyson Latta’s site (we are all linked it seems…). I happen to be off to Niagara this weekend and had no idea there was a month of lit festival happening. You’ve made my day! :)

    Hope your reading went well.

  • Rebecca says:

    Hey Carin,

    Thanks for your note! The reading went great–such friendly people in St. Catherines! I’m sure whatever you go see, it’ll be excellent–the Grey Borders folks do good work! Have a great trip!!

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