May 16th, 2011

The Capybara

I’m on hiatus last year, but in the winter of 2010, I taught for the second time with the wonderful SWAT program and had some truly awesome students at Jean Vanier High School. I received my copy of the Capybara, the anthology of the best student work in the program, and just today got a chance to see what it contained.

All the work in it is of course fabulous, but I am especially proud of my own former students. Though I very much doubt they are reading this blog, I can’t resist of shoutout to the wonderfully talented Jamie Guerrero, Gowseca Muthiah, Godfrey Manfiwiza, Vanessa Miraples, and Mary Delfin. You guys are brilliant, and I really appreciate your humouring me and submitting your work to the anthology like I asked/begged/ordered you to. These stories and poems deserve to be read!!

One Response to “The Capybara”

  • Frederique says:

    Wow, this program is wonderful. How great to meet a real live author, and realise that they are not mythical creatures but instead real people that you, one day, could actually *be*.

    Your students will Google themselves and see this and it will make their day, I’m sure.

    Also, last year, in Peru, I saw a Capybara! There was never a good opportunity for me to brag about this and now you have given me one. Thank you, Becky!

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