May 21st, 2011

NYC, City of Kittens

Yes, right, I know, New York City’s international reputation is actually not “City of Kittens.” I do know that, despite not being very familiar with that town. People always think I’m some sort of New York expert because all of the senior Rosenblums lived there for many years. I have personally actually been to the city four times, for a grand total of probably less than two weeks. Three of those four visits were before my 14th birthday.

So while I do have much anecdotal information about the Big Smoke, most of it pre-dates 1972 or comes from watching Friends/Seinfeld/Mad about You/Woody Allen movies, and I’m thus about as intimidated/excited as any other country bumpkin when I have to go there. Like tomorrow. It’s a very short trip, to meet some cool people at the Jewish Book Network and present a little book talk to them, and then turn right around and come home to celebrate my birthday.

I’m pretty nervous, though slightly comforted that, at least from the look of the map, the building where I will be speaking is next door to where one of the aforementioned senior Rosenblums lived in the 1960s. No idea why this is comforting, though it is a nice building. Maybe we can upgrade “pretty nervous” to “very nervous.”

Bottom line: when next you hear from me, I will (a) have made speech in New York City, and (b) have turned 33. I may be an entirely different person once those two things have happened. We can’t be sure.

In any case, wish me luck. More with (a) than (b), but all luck-wishes appreciated. And happy Victoria Day to you!

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