May 24th, 2011

New York Was Great…

is a song by the The Raveonettes that you should really listen to–it’s great!

My own experiences in the big city weren’t quite great, but were certainly very good, although by the time we were taxiing down the runway I had worked myself to such a state of anxiety that any scenario in which I did not actually die would have qualified as passable.

Despite the title of this blog, I can be a little pessimistic sometimes.

But really, when I am in such a state of terror over presenting my book to a giant group of strangers, it is helpful to be reminded that I am so lucky to have support and encouragement from my publisher to do it, and indeed, a book at all to present.

And of course, the strangers were perfectly lovely, warm and open and very excited about books–an excellent group of people to spend an evening with. Also, whoever had catered the event made these little chocolate-chip cookie/brownie hybrids that I hope someday to marry.

I did have some other obstacles that were harder to look in the brightside of, but I did try. Like when I got prescribed the wrong medication and had a reaction in the form of a hideous empurpling rash over my entire body right before the event, I was…somewhat dismayed. Also itchy. But I can be grateful that the rash mysteriously disappeared from my face within 24 hours, though it lingered itchily on the rest of me.

And when I had to abandon my lovely, expensive dress that I’d specially purchased for the occasion, in favour of something that covered every inch of my now-hideous body (including a man’s shirt with cuffs that covered my hands) it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because New York was way colder than Toronto, and I wouldn’t have wanted to be out in that sleeveless dress, anyway.

And when my hotel failed to give me my 3:45 am wakeup call, it turned out I really enjoyed that extra 15 minutes of sleep until my backup alarm went off, and would’ve just been bored at the airport during that extra time anyway.

Of course, the best part of the event was all the other wonderful writers who presented their work, and gave me so much to think about (and read!) What’s really lucky about my life is how much time I get to spend with fascinating people, talking about books.

Or maybe the best thing was being greeted at the airport at home with flowers and party hats to celebrate my birthday.

In all events, I’m a lucky person.

AND as you can see in this last shot, the rash is nearly gone from my arms now (but don’t look at my ankles–blech).

I hope you had a really great holiday weekend too!

3 Responses to “New York Was Great…”

  • Ariel Gordon says:

    Oh my! I HATE rashes…

  • AMT says:

    this photo sequence is becky-levels adorable, which means very. that you managed to provide adorable pictures that mostly contain *rashes* is a testament to your adorable-geniusdom. well done, and happy birthday.

  • Rebecca says:

    Hah, maybe this was over-share, but when a rash is covering you it is hard to have much perspective on it. Thanks for reading!

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