May 3rd, 2011

Good stuff

While I continue to try to sort myself out on writing new work, some of the older stuff is getting published. The new issue of Prairie Fire arrived today, containing my short story, “Dream Big.” And at long last, coming soon to an online ordering system near you, The Milan Review has my story “Dykadelic.”

You also might be wondering which picture finally got chosen for the book jacket of *The Big Dream.* It’s this one:

It got the second-most votes, but it has the advantages of a) being very clear that it’s on a bus and b) showing my characteristic Rebecca-chin-tilt.

The image with the most votes, by a good margin, actually, was this one:

That will one will definitely come in handy for various other publications and publicity materials where my head won’t look teeny-tiny in the midst of all that red.

The photographer Dave Kemp, who took all these shots, actually prepped a third one for print/web use, this one:

Because it’s just a classy, straight-ahead portrait.

So I feel I’m pretty well-equipped to face the world, photographically, anyway.

2 Responses to “Good stuff”

  • Kerry says:

    Good choices! You are beautiful.

  • Frederique says:

    I second the previous comment.

    The last one is my favourite. Makes me wonder what you are thinking. But obvs. it is too late to vote. Google Reader did *not* show me the initial picture voting post! Bah!

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