April 6th, 2011


I’ve been working on an awesome post-move-post, but post-moving, it turns out I’m still really busy and I haven’t finished it yet. So I just wanted to say–I live somewhere else now! And it’s fine! Kind of awesome, in fact, except for not being able to find stuff and not having a working phone line. If you want to talk to me, an electronic method is currently your best bet, followed quickly by throwing pebbles at my window. But we’re on the ninth floor, so depending on your arm…

I’ll continue to be busy for a while yet–I am reading on Friday night at the First Edition Reading Series in Perth, and a week from Friday at Hart House Review 2011 Launch back here in Toronto. If you’re in either hood on the appropriate date and have no plans…well, you’d be welcome.

In other other news…nope, nothing. I baked some cookies in my new kitchen, that’s a good step (even though I set off the fire alarm), and tomorrow some kindly people are going to come and help me assemble my bureau so I can stop living like a hobo in my own home. Some day we’ll probably even get the phone fixed, but since I spent a half hour today at the pay phone on the corner, being cold and angry and yelling at various people from Bell, I don’t have any great hope for the immediate future on that front.

On the upside, Kerry linked to this hilarious post today, and it cheered me right up. Be sure to read the comments for Stuart’s follow-up.

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