March 7th, 2011


I am moving at the end of March. Not moving blogs–we did that already–actually physically cleaning, evaluating, boxing, and lugging every stupid piece of capitalism I own and hauling it all across the city where I can repeat the process in reverse. It makes me want to weep a little bit. The fact that I will be very very happy in my new situation once the move is over cannot completely negate the fact that, before that, I won’t be.

One cheering thing is that I am moving in with someone who has nicer stuff than I do, which means that I get to get rid of some things with which my relationship has grown rather stale. And this could be cheerful for you, too, if you are in need of some furniture that, while not particularly exciting or new, is certainly serviceable, comfortable, and non-hideous.

I think most of this stuff is too non-new to charge money for, so basically if you have the means to transport it, the following is yours for a handshake:

–double bed, box spring, and metal bed frame (plus a couple pillows)
–eight-drawer bureau (blond wood, though the previous own [not me] wallpapered every other drawer with tasteful blue wallpaper–me, I like the effect]
–black sling chair
–tall bookcase (dark wood veneer)
–short white bookcase (this is the one piece that is actually ugly, because white furniture does not stay white very long, and I bought this piece used in 1998; but it does fulfill its role of holding books and the tv [on top] very well)
–hutch from a wood veneer desk, which I am using as a bookshelf

I could certainly supply photos, should you be interested, but I think the people who would actually like this furniture would be those for whom appearance is not an issue. Drop me a note if this is you:

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  • Scott Watson says:

    What? I’m out of the loop.

    Unfortunately I’m old enough that I am always trying to get rid of furniture rather than acquire it. Not sure when that happened, perhaps I should work my way into the social circles of antiquers.

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