February 1st, 2011

Very important question

I found a pack of gum sitting on a subway seat. No one was nearby. The pack was still in its original cellophane seal, seemingly untampered-with. It is a good kind of gum.

Can I chew it? Or is probably poison gum, part of some elaborate trap for naive young transit-takers?

7 Responses to “Very important question”

  • Scott Watson says:

    I would not chew it. I appreciate that it’s in the wrapper, but you don’t know where’s it’s been. What’s the expiry date?

  • Nathalie says:

    Definitely do not chew it. Bad karma. If you get a headache three days after you chew it you’ll wonder if it’s a delayed-action poison and freak out.

  • Julia says:

    Don’t chew. It’s probably part of an intricate ploy to poison unsuspecting gum-chewers. Actually, the gum itself is probably just fine, but I wouldn’t want to touch the wrapper. Who knows who that pack of gum hung out with. Could be more than moderately unsavory.

  • AMT says:

    clearly chewy poison. or, as i typed it the first THREE times, chewy poisson. so be careful: the gods of revealing typos think if you find unclaimed gum on the subway, it might be made of fish.

  • Rebecca says:

    I have to confess: I really appreciate all the advice, but actually, I got too curious before anyone had posted a single comment, and had some gum. It’s pretty good, and I seem to be all right (so far). In the beautiful words of my lovely friend M, “There are a lot of really normal people on the TTC.”

  • Scott Watson says:

    Well you did seem okay when I saw you today. Hope your movie was good! Inception turned out to be quite good.

  • Rebecca says:

    Blue Valentine was good, but in a depressing way. It’s a good thing I played with Baby Z so much beforehand, or it would really have gotten to me.

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