February 13th, 2011

Kitten in Slow Motion

For anyone else who maybe had a crappy week last week, I bring you kitten in slow motion (via Mark). Not just for rabid kitten fanciers like myself, this is 121 seconds of pure sunlit joy, albeit joy experienced by someone who wants to eat a little fake bird attached to the end of a wire.

Hope it helps you cheer up, too!

3 Responses to “Kitten in Slow Motion”

  • Alice Zorn says:

    This is wonderful! But oh, it makes me feel old and stiff…

  • Scott Watson says:

    Everything is funnier in slow motion, well except maybe slow motion?

    Sorry to hear that you had a long week. Hope that it gets better this week.

    Remember fuzzy bunnies.

  • AMT says:

    it’s the back paws i can’t get over. where are they going?! the kitten jumps upwards, and a bit forward, and then near the apex of the kitten curve the back paws apparently get panicky that they might get left behind, and they snap FORward, bam! we are here! even in slow motion… and then all four paws are fullsteam ahead, and it seems to me that kitten should land flat on its back.

    i guess that doesn’t happen, which is why i am not allowed to be a kitten. still, it’s crazy.

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