January 23rd, 2011

24-hour vacation

This weekend Mark and I took a 24-hour vacation, and it was glorious! Nice hotel, fun pool, my favourite chain restaurants, cable television, hot tub, etc. (FYI, Niagara Falls hotels much cheaper when the whole city is covered in ice!) Allow me to share some highlights:

–en route, briefly lost, attempted to sneak down a “local traffic only” construction route to get back to the main drag, only to find that it was blocked off entirely after a certain point. After turn the car around and heading back, we discovered that the reverse side of the “local traffic only” sign had been spray-painted to read, “We told you so!”
–walking through the mallway under the Niagara Casino (no, we didn’t gamble; we went to buy candy!) I was telling an anecdote about the cashier at my grocery store: “So he sees my name on my credit card, and he’s all, ‘You’re Jewish? I’m Jewish!'” Guy walking past me says, “And I’m Jewish!”
–waitress at International House of Pancakes assures us that the IHOPs will soon be making their way to Toronto. I am thrilled, but completely od on pancakes (they gave me an extra by mistake) in case she’s wrong and I won’t see them for another year!!

Everyone should take a 24-hour vacation!!

8 Responses to “24-hour vacation”

  • Scott Watson says:

    What exactly are the symptoms of over-dosing on pancakes? A desire to enter the wilderness cut down trees? Wear plaid?

  • Rebecca says:

    Uh, guilt and a stomachache!

  • AMT says:

    this is plain adorable. well, except the pancake debacle. i especially love the outpouring of sudden Jewishness in the casino. you two are great. i want to go on 24 hour vacation with you!

  • Amy Jones says:

    We went to that IHOP! It was amazing (even though their heater was broken and we had to eat in our coats) mostly because we didn’t even know there WAS an IHOP in Niagara. I’m guessing you probably didn’t go to the indoor waterpark, which was our ultimate reason for the trip, but if you’re into that sort of thing I highly recommend it.

  • Rebecca says:

    AMT, that’s a really good idea–we should!!

    Amy, somehow I knew you would appreciate the glory that is IHOP. That restaurant was actually *in* our hotel, as was an East Side Marios, a pool, and a tunnel to the casino/mall. And it was very cold out–so we didn’t go outside at all, thus no water park. But under consideration for next time!!

  • Frederique says:

    IHOP is open by my house!!!! I haven’t been yet but you’ve tempted me with your description.

  • JC says:

    Ah ha – so something positive HAS come from your relationship with Ron!

  • Rebecca says:

    Fred, go! It’s fantastic! There are four bottles of syrup on the table–four!

    JC, I guess when you look at that way, you are right. But I’m still going to avoid his line!

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