December 22nd, 2010

Washington Recap (long-delayed)

Writing about travel and Fred reminds me that I never recapped when went to Washington, DC, to visit said Fred. We had planned to write a joint blog post while we were there, but were too busy frolicking and never did. We attempted to proxy-blog by retelling the experiences of the trip together over Facebook chat. Facebook, annoyingly, does not save chats, and even if you attempt to cut and paste the whole of one, it won’t let you have the earliest parts if your chat was very long (ours was, of course). So here, below, is a very small refraction of our DC adventure, way back in mid-November (well, Fred’s DC adventure continues, because she lives there…you know what I mean).

NB that some cuts have been made for coherency/non-embarrassment. We catch up with FD and RR having brunch at Kramerbooks’ Cafe with some friends, old and new.


the danish dude was Bo!
yes all were nice

In my mind, it was spelled “beau”

we chatted easily
oh that also makes sense.

Then we parted, after our historic brunch…

right to eastern market
we didn’t even spend that much time in the market
we walked around the flea market for a bit
then the art dude was rude to you

The market was interesting, but we bought nothing. I think I was afraid of having anything odd on the plane, because of crazy customs

I have not forgotten!
or forgiven!
how does he sleep at night?
yes so…
on we went
towards capitol hill
and we stopped at that charming used bookstore

For the record, he told me left leg was blocking passersby’s view of his art, and could I move?

Our readers will hear about this!

He had painted an american flag on…what?
I love your outraged loyalty!
I also really liked that bookstore!

it was hideous and pointless whatever it was.
no I’m being too harsh
but you know.

I do know!

Your leg’s presence did not do his artwork any disservice.
okay yes riverby

Thank you! I feel that way too!

I’m better now.
we were basically kicked out (gently) by the security guard.

I bought a book at Riverby’s because I thought it was edited by my long-dead cousin, but it turned out he was Irwin Stone, not Irving (though everyone called him “Irv”)

oh it wasn’t your cousin?

But since I have it, I’m reading it, and it’s pretty amazing (selected letters of Van Gogh to his brother).
They were nice about it. Then we went to…Supreme court building, yes?

right right..
supreme court.
it was closed
but we ran up and down the stairs and took photos by the columns
and were just generally happy to be there.

I was fascinated by those columns, and the statue of a woman with a tiny woman in her lap!


Trust me, even though I was only able to provide a snippet, IT WAS ALL THAT AWESOME! But FBchat sucks for eating our chat.

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