December 19th, 2010

Reverb 18

What do you want to try next year? Is there something you wanted to try in 2010? What happened when you did / didn’t go for it? (Author: Kaileen Elise) (

Huh. This makes me seem uncourageous, but I can’t think of anything I specifically set out to try this year. Ok, maybe the big roadtrip to Charlottetown–which proved that I need to work on my driving skills and ability to mange stress. This has come up before in the Reverb process.

The thing I want to “try” in the new year is the new book–again, this has come up already (I’m finding some of these prompts a tad redundant). What’s new about it? Well, Iots of things, but I don’t suppose I’ll know exactly until I either do those things, or fail at doing them. Either way, much lies ahead.

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