October 8th, 2010


The short story I chose to take with me to read at Circus Wonderland in North Bay is called “Loneliness.” It’s from my forthcoming book, *The Big Dream,* not out until 2011, but I chose it because we were planning to set the story to music and it is the most rhythmic things I’ve written in a while. As it turns out, we set the piece to a video (by Andy Williamson, who did a great job), so it didn’t matter.

I’m still glad I chose the piece, though the theme, which is also the title, did not entirely agree with me, as I seem to be going through one of those sucky periods that everyone has, where I prefer not to be by myself for any length of time (everyone does have such periods, right?) and once you start to think that the weekend has a theme, you know you are sunk. Though everyone in North Bay (and en route) was nice, I didn’t get a lot of companionship on the trip. I love travelling for writing, and usually have a ball, but this trip was a bit tough. So I made the following photo essay as a way of giving myself a little company.

I got up very early and took the first bus of the day. I am wearing my glasses so that I will be able to sleep on the second (much longer) bus of the day.

I took the bus to the subway. People on the subway very early on weekends are sad. But oblivious to people taking their picture.

From Dundas station into the light.

This part of town is incredibly commercial and vibrant, yet the bus station always manages to look seedy.

It’s nicer inside, though.

Bus station bathrooms are not as bad as you’d think, but this stall lock is seemingly designed not to lock. Distressing.

I don’t know where these people were going.

Um, we stopped somewhere. Gravenhurst, I think. I bought a sandwich that wasn’t very good.

The foliage was nice, but you can’t really tell from this picture.

Yep, still on the bus.

Welcome to North Bay!

The sun coming out makes everything better. Even a really chilly parking lot.

I stayed in a lovely hotel, the Inn on the Bay.

Walking down Main Street. It’s pretty here.

In the background, a body of water. Maybe it’s the North Bay? I never found anyone I could ask.

I’ve never had a dressing room before, so I had to take a picture of myself in front of my vanity mirror. You can’t tell from the picture, but there are two men asleep on the floor behind me. I never really worked out the story there.

I’ve never read on a serious professional stage like this one, at the Capitol Theatre. Very impressive.

Eep, the audience assembles!

Cue smoke machine.

Dermot did a wonderful job as host of the evening.

Brilliant modern dance troup whose name I cleverly forgot to write down.

Somehow my crappy photography makes them look even cooler (just go with that, ok?)

The fabulous Pandora Topp, accompanied by Brian Quebec.

I was onstage next, but I couldn’t find anyone to get to take my picture. Bob Wiseman was after me, and he was great–I don’t know why I don’t have a picture of him.

Then the straight-ahead rock of Ethel and the Mermen.

The Bellwoods were on next but I had to go back to the hotel and sleep. Sorry, Bellwoods–I am sure you were great!

Solitary breakfast with my true friend, The New Yorker. North Bay is very quiet on a Sunday morning–I thought for a while I wouldn’t find anywhere to eat at all!

That was nice, but I’m ready to go home now, please.

And then I did.

So for this, my Thanksgiving post, I would like to express my thanks to everyone who hangs out with me, regularly or occasionally, who tells me stories or listens to them, shares fries, goes for walks, gives hugs, and keeps me from having to take my own picture. I am lucky to have you guys; life wouldn’t be much fun without you!

3 Responses to “Loneliness”

  • AMT says:

    i give thanks for you, too. also for solitary breakfasts, which can be good when you want them. i just had solitary breakfast-for-lunch, and it improved things round here.

  • Andrew M says:

    weeee, ive taken the bus ride to north bay from toronto sooo maby times! i lived in north bay for awhile and go back whenever feasible. its cool to see someone i associate with ‘here’ going over ‘there.’

  • Rebecca says:

    Andrew, that’s awesome! I wish I’d known before I went–I could’ve asked you the cool places to go!

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