October 13th, 2010

Fun guessing game–wanna play?

I’ll warn you upfront that I don’t have an answer for this–I just figure if I get a majority vote I’ll pretend it’s truth and count the case closed. So let me know what you think:

On the bus this evening, I overheard the following 1/2 of a cellphone conversation coming from behind me. Voice is male.
Hello. Hello. Hello?? Hello?? I’m on my way home. You’re cutting out. I’m on my way– Why don’t you let me call you when I’m home, I can barely–

I’m on the bus. Because I caught a ride with M. and he drove me three-quarters of the way home [RR notes: I swear he actually said “three-quarters”] Because S. was going to stay until 8. Because I didn’t want to stay until 8. Uh-huh. I don’t know. I don’t know. An hour? 45 minutes?

Why don’t I call you when I get home? I’m going home. What do you think I’m gonna do? I’m gonna walk Princess, grab some dubes, and go over to K.’s. [RR: I *swear*.] Uh-huh. Uh-huh. I’ll call you when I– No.

Ok, peace, whatever, it doesn’t matter. It does? Because of what I said to you last night? What did–? In my sleep? Oh, fine, hold me responsible for something I said in my sleep. I don’t care. Listen, my phone is going to die. I don’t want it to die before I get home. So I gotta go. It’s gonna– IT’S GOING TO DIE!!!

No, I won’t miss any calls from you.
Soooo…obviously, I waited a modest amount of time before turning around to see if I could match the voice to a face. In the back of the bus, I found some women and children, plus two young men.

One, perhaps early twenties, pin-striped shirt with v-neck blue sweater over top, big white-boy fro, at least one earbud, mouth slightly open as he gazes out the window.

Two, later twenties, green fleece sweater, sunglasses pushed back on head (it was raining), close-cropped hair and chin-scruff, holding smartphone-type item to his chin–grins at me wolfishly when he sees me looking.

The question I put to you is–which one was it?????


10 Responses to “Fun guessing game–wanna play?”

  • Nathalie says:

    Wolfish, hands down.

  • Kerry Clare says:

    I second that one.

  • AMT says:

    disagree! i think it was earbuds.

  • August says:

    “Princess”? Definitely wolfish. Douchebag on toast, that one.

  • Rebecca says:

    The more I think about it, the more I am inclined towards earbuds! Like, the whole conversation did *not* seem romantic, yet it probably was with a signif. other (who else hears what you say in your sleep?) It’s the really young, frat boy types that call their girlfriends “dude”–older, wolf-y types know how to fake charm a bit better.

    …am I crazy? This early poll has only AMT in agreement–I’ll wait for more votes!

  • Gillian says:

    number two? I guessed number two and then I second guessed with the comments. gut = number two. those wolfy-types. plus I know a mum who calls her kid ‘dude’. I think it’s a love term.
    I love the last ‘IT’S GOING TO DIE!!!’ that was funny!

  • Scott Watson says:

    I would go with “wolfish” guy, although he might of smiled because he realized how odd this conversation would have been without any context.

    Did he look like was thinking before he saw you looking?

  • Amy Jones says:

    1. It’s definitely two. Young frat boy types do not date chicks who have dogs named Princess.

    2. When did he call her “dude”? Did I miss something?

    3. Did you consider a third option… a woman with a really deep voice?

  • Rebecca says:

    Amy, good points, all. Re #2–he didn’t, I just meant that was his style.

    I’m going to consider myself convinced on Mr. Wolf–thanks for playing, ganag!

  • saleema says:

    too funny!! my gut was with wolfman, too.

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